We went on a shape hunt!

Primary 3 have been learning about Egyptians and in particular, the shape of pyramids. So we could learn more about 3D shape, we went on a shape hunt in the…

Victorian Christmas Craft

This week we have been finding out about how Victorians decorated their trees at Christmas time. We all helped to make a paper chain to decorate the classroom and made…

Jammin Fitness

The children in the launch pad led a very successful dance session.

A busy week

We have been busy this week, mainly preparing for the Christmas concert. The songs are sounding great and the Primary 3 pupils have worked really hard learning all their lines….

Christmas is Coming !!

We have had a busy week rehearsing for our Christmas Concert.  The songs are sounding really good and we are looking forward to performing it. We are also taking part…

Victorian Day in P2

Today we got dressed up and took part in some lessons from Victorian times. We enjoyed learning the three ‘R’s, drawing flowers in our nature study and playing hopscotch outside….