Hi, here are some of the things we have been doing since we returned after Easter

In our first we back, we spent some time investigating how sounds can be produced through vibrations. We found that by varying the lengths of elastic bands and overhanging rulers, we could change the pitch of the sounds. The tuning fork helped us understand how vibrations move the air around us and that air the makes our eardrums vibrate so we hear the sound. Adam enjoyed using the mini submersible and noticing the change in pitch when it was underwater.

The Eco Show, with Professor Eco, was very popular with everyone. All the P1-3 classes were there joining in. We had lots of challenges to complete and we earned stars which contributed to being awarded a certificate. Some of the class had particular tasks to do. Poor Mimi had to hold an energy saving invention, but she kept getting in to trouble with the professor when it made a noise! Lots of us thought it was very funny; even Mimi was laughing. Andrew thought it was funny when Donald had to pick up lots of rubbish as fast as he could. Donald enjoyed it, too! Aryan liked the fake spoon that kept falling apart. Sarah said it was fun and learning about Eco things at the same time.

Probably the highlight of the last three weeks was the visit to Pizza Express. All the staff there were very kind and we had a brilliant time making Margherita pizzas. Lois thought it was ‘pizzatastic!’ Cassius enjoyed tasting some of the ingredients. Serena and Anya liked the quiz and wished we could go back every day! Danny liked flipping the dough to stretch it and putting on the tomato sauce.For everyone back at home, most of your children would like to try making their own pizza dough and creating their own special pizza with lots of different toppings. You have been warned!

On Friday we tried out some food hygiene games designed and produced by the Food Standards Agency. They were based on games like Happy Families, Snakes and Ladders, Blockbusters and Trivial Pursuit. There are some very good and challenging questions and we were certainly able to learn a lot though them. Sophie enjoyed earning two pieces to put on her plate in the Food Choices game. Danielle thought it was fun to play and Cameron really enjoyed playing Foodbusters.