Nursery Visit, Plants and Food Chains

On Monday afternoon, we wentto the afternoon nurserywhere we did a little story for them. We did things like The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gruffalo. We used whiteboards and magnets. Sometimes the magnetics got stuck together or fell off the boards, but the children still enjoyed it.

On Tuesday, Mrs Jones and Mrs Bruce came to watch us play the food chain game. Some new words we learned were producers, consumers and predators. We used the school wildlife garden to help us learn about food chains.

Another activity we have been doing is to monitor the changes in the growth of the seeds we planted last Friday. Each day we noted down what had happened. Each group got to choose four different ideas for planting. Some used water, others were dry. Some were in the dark, others were allowed light. There were some which used no soil. Everyone was surprised that some without soil did grow.

We are planning to have a P3 short review assembly next Friday, 28th June at 11.15 am. We hope you can come.