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Visiting Specialists to P6!

Rocks and Fossils

Last Friday we had a visit from Mr Labroo to help us learn about rocks and fossils. We leaned about 3 different types of rocks: igneous, sedementary and metamorphic. We got to hold and closely observe the rocks and fossils with a magnifine glass. We also leaned about the rock cycle and how fossils are formed.

RGU Sports

This Monday the RGU students taught us how to perfect our overhead clear in badminton. Check out our impressive skills on the court!

SSPCA – Pet patrol!

On Tuesday we were visited by the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals)

We took part in a workshop learning about how the SSPCA deal with abandonments, neglect, cruelty and the rehoming of animals.

We learnt that having a pet is a responsibility to ensure they have plenty of food, water, exercise and live in a clean and safe environment. We took part in games and quizes which tested our knowledge relating to pet care aswell as health and hygiene around animals.

Check out the pictures below of all these amazing experiences.


PB240525 PB240523 PB240526  PB240519  PB240515


PB270539 PB270534  PB270553 PB270543




PB280578 PB280582 PB280583 PB280584 PB280585 PB280586 PB280587