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Lost Property – Come And Get It

Last week all pupils were given 5 name labels as a starter to try and ensure that the amount of lost property that we experience is reduced.

Normally we keep items of Lost Property for 3 weeks before it is passed to the “Take As You Need” unit or onto Ragbag.

As we are still being inundated with lost property the decision has been taken that lost property will now only be kept for 2 weeks.

PLEASE use the name labels which were given.

We also have a very nice Cath Kidston Umbrella which was left at sports day – please come and collect it.

We ask that ALL ITEMS coming into school are labelled – including lunchbags and water bottles.

We recommend STIKINS labels – these can be ordered online from Stikins – our school number is 9241

Our Parent Council receives money from each sale so you are also supporting our fundraising.