Ziggy Is Pet Of The Week

We had some problems at Pet Of The Week HQ this week – we though Hugo in P3CH’s Mum had sent us a lovely picture of a wheat field.  We almost returned it to her saying “While fields are lovely and agriculture is very important, its not really Pet Of The Week material”…


And then at the last minute we spotted Ziggy who blended into the background so well we initially missed him..!!!!

Ziggy is a 6 month old fox red labrador…and is exactly the same colour as a field of freshly cut wheat.  He also has a really cool way of sitting and posing for pictures..!

Ziggy likes all things that begin with B – the beach, blueberries, bananas…and bosies…!!!  Hugo will have a great future keeping up with Ziggy, but if anyone can, Hugo can…!!!!

If you would like your pet to be considered for Pet Of The Week, please send a picture to hazleheadprimary@aberdeencity.gov.uk marked for the Pet Of The Week Committee.