Diving Talent Search

Scottish Swimming are doing a Virtual Talent Search for future Scottish divers – please see below


I hope you’re well and that the new school year has started off smoothly. I’m getting in touch as we have worked in conjunction with your school in the past as part of our Aberdeen Diving Talent Identification projects and are looking to collaborate again!


Previously with our Talent ID programme we attended your school and carried out physical testing with your pupils to give them an insight into diving and to hopefully identify some talented divers of the future. This programme has had huge success in the past with 44 Aberdeen pupils selected in previous years still diving today and four of these divers being selected onto Scottish National Diving Squads! Given the challenges associated with Covid-19 and the limited access to schools, British Diving, together with Scottish Swimming and Swim England, have created an exciting new virtual diving talent identification scheme.


Participants will be asked to sign up at https://www.swimming.org/diving/diving-virtual-talent-search/, after which they will be sent a link with videos of skills to try at home. Participants can then submit these videos to be part of our talent search. They will also be sent details of how to sign up for a free Try Diving session.


The reason I’m contacting your school directly is to ask if you would be willing to share the above link and/or this video from Tom Daley explaining the Talent ID programme – https://youtu.be/z4rHXQzmqb0 with your pupils/parents. Or, if you’d like to carry out some of the skills as part of your PE sessions that would be fantastic! The wider we can share this initiative, the more chance of discovering the next Olympic diving champion (hopefully right here in Aberdeen!) and of getting more young people involved in this engaging and exciting sport!


Your support would be greatly appreciated and please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any queries.


Many thanks in advance and best wishes,