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Storytime With Dad – November 16th

Storytime With Dad & Why it Matters. on November 16th at 6.30pm. 

We assure you it is one not to be missed, for both professionals and dads alike!


Stories dominate our lives and capture our imaginations, from daily political scandals, the plot of the latest Netflix show or the family legends about ‘that’ camping trip. Our digital world means kids are able to access a mind-boggling number of stories whether it’s the adventures of Peppa Pig, Peter Rabbit or Disney’s latest blockbuster. So why should parents take time out to sit down and tell stories?

To celebrate Book Week Scotland, Fathers’ Network Scotland are being joined by two parenting experts Diane Campkin from the charity Peeple and Sue Atkins broadcaster, speaker and author to find out. Together with our own Scott Mair they will be discussing:

  • Parental storytelling and its importance in child development
  • Handy tips for parents and the special ingredients dads can bring
  • How as professionals and educators we can encourage and support this interaction between dad and child.

To attend the DADx Meet-up event on zoom please register using the link below:

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