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Bakelite Plastic

Put a spoonful of borax into a cup of water and dissolve. Stir in food colouring and add PVA glue. Stir well. What happens? A soft lump appears and has…

Smart Dust

Set up an electric circuit with a cup of salt solution. What happens? The lightbulb goes on. Why? Pure water will not conduct electricity but salt water will! Miss. Bowie


Write your name on a piece if Teflon tape using a marker pen. Stretch it. What happens? The tape goes back to its original form and you can still see…

Coca Cola

Add lemon juice to water and a spoonful of bicarbonate soda. What happens? It fizzes up! Why? The carbon dioxide is released when the lemon juice reacts with sodium bicarbonate….

Artificial Sweetner

Drop 2 tins of cola into a tank of water. 1 diet cola and 1 normal cola. What happens? The diet cola floats to the surface quicker. Why? Cola has…

Mad Scientist Morning

Here are some of our mad scientists getting ready for another morning in the lab. I wonder what they’ll discover? Keep checking our blog today to find out! Miss. Bowie

Mad Scientists

To celebrate National Science and Engineering Week, P5 & P6 have an experiment extravaganza on Friday. During the morning they will be conducting a variety of experiments to learn how…

Equivalent Fractions

This week we will be learning about equivalent fractions in P5. Chocolate is always a great example to use as no one ever wants to get less than someone else!!…

Jack and the Beanstalk.

A special parcel arrived in nursery. It had a letter inside from Jack. There was also a bag of gold coins, a hen and a golden egg, giant size trousers…

Red Nose Day

The children wore their pyjamas or something red for Red Nose Day. They paid 1 to donate to charity.