A New Home For Our Furry Friends

We have been making a new home for our Furry Friends – they love it..!

Ph for Photo..!

We have been learning the “ph” sound, like in “photo”.  We “took” our own family photo to share with our families.

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Using Our Senses

We enjoyed learning about our sense of taste and using it to find out about different flavours and textures.


We have loved seeing the ducklings in Nursery – they are SO CUTE AND FLUFFY

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Bug Hunting As Super Scientists

We have been super scientists investigation and taking care of different minibeasts on our grassy hill.

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Sports Day Was BRILLIANT

We all enjoyed Sports Day..!  It was a beautiful day, being outside with our classes and our family members watching us take part..!!

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We Are Super Scientists

P1D have been super scientists this week.  We have been learning about plants and we have planted our own sunflower seeds which we are looking after and observing every day.  We have also been working hard in the laboratory making potions, investigating floating and sinking, magnetic and non magnetic objects, insects and ancient stones and fossils…!

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Story Writing

In story writing we have been writing our own imaginative stories about our class furry friends Jimmy and Bouncer.

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Den Building

We have been exploring the outdoors and building dens.

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Our Big Questions

We have been learning about the 1980s

Termly Overview – Term 3

Here is what we are learning this term

Download (PDF, Unknown)

We Made A Virtual Christmas Concert


We Went For A Walk..!

We went for an adventure walk around the school.  We used our maps to see where we were going and see what was in the area close to school.  We had a great time..!

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Please Vote For Our Classroom Door


The Great Festive Door Vote – Hazlehead School (hazlehead-ps.aberdeen.sch.uk)


Termly Overview – Term 2

What we shall be learning this term

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Termly Overview – Term 1

What We Shall Be Learning This Term

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Our Class Charter