This week we have been investigating forces. We have looked at magnets, friction and gravity. When investigating friction we worked with a partner to build ramps using different materials. We tested to see how far the car would travel when using each of the materials.

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Pets Corner and Hazlehead Park

We had lots of fun on our trip to Pets Corner and Hazlehead Park. We looked at all of the animals and found out more about them by reading the signs and asking the staff questions. We had a picnic inside sheltered from the rain before going out to play in the park. We all loved the trip despite the very rainy weather!

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Sports Week

We loved taking part in all of the different Sports Week activities. Everyone took part in every event, everyone tried their best and everyone cheered on their friends and their house. Well done P1S!!

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We were very lucky to be invited to visit the duck eggs in the ELC. Over the week the eggs hatched and we went to visit the new baby ducklings.

Super Scientists

We are LOVING learning all about science this term. So far we have learnt what a scientist does and some different parts of science. We learnt all about plants – the parts of a plant and what plants need to grow. We have learnt about our senses and had lots of fun tasting different foods (have a look at the photos below to see some of our reactions)!

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Super Scientists!

This term we are going to become Super Scientists! We had lots of fun playing with and investigating different areas of science and were able to share what we already know about science and what we would like to find out.

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This week we have focused on Kindness. We played lots of circle time games where we said kind things to each other and we recognised people who had been kind to us. We also played lots of team games in PE where we focused on working together, listening to each other, encouraging each other, sharing and taking turns.


Our Charitable World

Our new cross curricular topic is Kind Kids. We are learning about charities and how we help others. Here is what we know at the beginning of our cross curricular topic.

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Grassy Hill

We LOVE going to the Grassy Hill every week. We have been learning how to tie a knot and this week we were given the challenge to use knots to build something using the loose parts resources. We made dens, kites, hedgehog homes and even Jurassic Park! Have a look at the photos to see what we made.

World Book Day

We LOVED World Book Day!!

We had lots of fun taking part in all of the different World Book Day activities. We were very excited to go to the school library for the first time to meet Library Lion and to read a story. We all took home a new book from the Book Swap and we had P6 come and read us some stories. We had fun on the reading trail challenge where we had to try and guess which member of staff was hiding behind all of the books in the photos. We thought some of them were very funny and some were very tricky to guess!

The 1980’s

We have been learning all about the 1980’s this term. We have looked at the toys, technology, clothes, music, dancing, cartoons and special events from the 1980’s and compared them to what we have today. We had some special visitors from school sharing their toys, photos, school work and technologies from the 1980’s. We have also loved speaking to our parents and grandparents about life in the 1980’s and have shared what we learnt from our family with the class.


We have loved learning all things Scottish over the past few weeks. We have learnt some Scottish words, listened to lots of Scottish songs, learnt and performed the Scottish song ‘Three Craws’ and learnt and performed a Scottish dance. We finished off learning all about Scotland with our Touch of Tartan day where we all wore something tartan, learnt what tartan is and had a go at making our own tartan with paints.

Termly Overview – Term 3

Here is what we are learning this term

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We Made A Virtual Christmas Concert

Please Vote For Our Classroom Door


The Great Festive Door Vote – Hazlehead School (hazlehead-ps.aberdeen.sch.uk)


Termly Overview – Term 2

What we shall be learning this term

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Termly Overview – Term 1

What We Shall Be Learning This Term

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Our Class Charter