Out and About 🌳 ☀️ 🌸

Primary 2 got out and explored our local community on a lovely sunny walk to North burn of Rubislaw this afternoon. We worked in small groups to investigate and identify different plants. We also enjoyed a snack and a chat with our friends before heading back to school.

Many thanks to the parent helpers for supporting us with the walk, we really appreciate it. ☀️

Meeting some Fluffy Friends! 🦆❤️

The children have been thrilled to pop into nursery several times over the last week to meet some baby ducklings. We have been told the nursery boys and girls have named them Rainbow, Knuckles, Cookie Rainbow, Fluffy Duck, Snowball and Fluffles!

Marvellous Minibeasts  🕷🐛🪱🐞🐜🪲

Today we have been exploring the messy garden and searching for bugs.

We were successful in finding a range of different bugs such as a garlic snail, woodlice (with 14 legs), ground beetles, slugs, centipedes (did you know they are carnivores?), millipedes (they eat dead leaves turning them back into soil) and soldier beetles.

We had great fun working together with a partner, using communication skills and a whole range of vocabulary to describe what we found. Check out some photos below!

National Numeracy Day – 18/5/22

We had 2 challenges for National Numeracy Day and took our learning outdoors, have a look at how we got on!

Challenge 1:

How long does it take you to go round the wooden equipment?

We used stopwatches to time how long it took our partner to go around the wooden equipment. We compared our results to see who had the fastest time.

Challenge 2:

Estimate how many jumps it takes you to get between A and B. Then try it and measure. (Choose your distance)

We had to estimate how many jumps it would take to get between two markers in the messy garden. We compared our estimates to our actual number of jumps by finding the difference between the two numbers. 

🌟Super Sports Stars🌟

A huge well done to you all for taking part in your first school sports day all together. Every single one of you took part and did your very best and you should all feel immensely proud.

Thank you to all the mums and dads that came along to support us! I have attached a few snap shots of the afternoon.

Term 4 Overview

Take a look at the exciting things we have planned for our final term in Primary 2.

P2NM Term 4 Overview

Our Scientific World

As part of our science block P2 have been learning about why we have night and day. We used balloons, which represented the earth and a torch, which represented the sun to show how day and night occur. We enjoyed getting into the black out tent to test out our experiment! Have a look at the pictures below.

 Numeracy- Money

Today in numeracy we have been investigating how different combinations of coins can be used to pay for goods.

We began by using numicon to help us make the total in different ways, being careful to only use numicon shapes that represent a coin. We then placed the coins on top to give us the total.

I have attached some games to help reinforce this learning which you may want to play at home.




Well done everyone!⭐️

ThingLink – Take a look at our learning!

As we have now come to the end of our cross curricular topic ‘The 1970s’ take a look at our Thinglink which summarises the learning from each week. Talk about this learning at home, what did you enjoy most about our Cross Curricular block?


1970’s Games Afternoon

We had a fantastic afternoon playing lots of games that were popular in the 1970s. Mrs Bruce was kind enough to bring in the games she used to play with as a little girl and we worked in groups to have a go at playing Connect, Uno, Frustration, Shuffleboard, Bagatelle and Spillers. We had to use many skills that included problem solving, decision making, communication and numeracy skills. We had so much fun!

Bird Feeders in the Messy Garden

A rather blustery day 💨 but the weather won’t stop P2NM getting out to the messy garden! Take a look at the photos and talk about them at home.

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee

We have had a fantastic day celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee! We were transported back to Tuesday 7th June 1977 and began the day creating jubilee party invitations. This afternoon we had great fun creating bunting and designing crowns. We enjoyed our 70s party snack of cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick and ended the day playing games with our friends in P2S!


Amazing Artists 👨‍🎨

This term with Mrs Hoy, Primary 2 are exploring the work of several famous artists. Have a look at the outstanding creations the children did in the style of Picasso.

Termly Overview – Term 3

What We Shall Be Learning This Term

Download (PDF, Unknown)


We Made A Virtual Christmas Concert

Please Vote For Our Classroom Door


The Great Festive Door Vote – Hazlehead School (hazlehead-ps.aberdeen.sch.uk)


Out and About 📮✉️⛪️🌳🦆

Primary 2 had a lovely walk this afternoon out and about in the community.

We were excited to post letters we have written to our friends…look out for the post over the next few days!

We also visited the outside of Craigiebuckler church where Mr Petrie came to say hello. We learnt a few facts about the church and got to see the nativity scene which lights up at night, definitely worth a visit when it gets dark.

We finished our walk with a lovely stroll along the burn. We had a super afternoon, thank you again to everyone who helped too.

Termly Overview – Term 2

What We Shall Be Learning This Term

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Termly Overview – Term 1

What We Shall Be Learning This Term


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Our Class Charter