Active Numeracy – Measuring millilitres

P3P worked in teams to investigate millilitres. We discussed volume and capacity.

Stuart Reid Author Visit

We had a fantastic time with our author visit from Stuart Reid. P3 enjoyed his funny jokes and were inspired by his enthusiasm for creative writing.

We then spent some time outside started creating stories of our own in the afternoon! Thank you Mandy Mudpies for helping us to craft our own books. 


This week has been unFROGettable as we got to say hello to our classroom frogspawn!

Some pupils volunteered to help move the frogspawn and set up a safe environment. We learnt about the frog life cycle and drew some diagrams. We will be writing regular diary entries to track the growth and changes of the frogspawn. P3 will be raising the tadpoles for the remaining time of this term, then releasing them as frogs in term 4.

Active Numeracy – Comparing mass

We have been estimating and comparing mass of different objects using balance scales. It was fun seeing P3 problem solving together to order all the objects from lightest to heaviest. It was interesting to compare the predictions to the results!

Recycling Centre visit

P3 have been learning about sustainability and recycling. We took the opportunity to take a trip to Hazlehead’s Recycling centre close to the School. We were amazed to see the amount of recycling, see how it was stored and learn how it was processed. Thank you to the staff for showing us around and telling us great facts.

Termly Overview – Term 3

Here is what we are learning this term

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We Made A Virtual Christmas Concert

Term 2 Overview

Here is what we are learning this term –

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Please Vote For Our Classroom Door


The Great Festive Door Vote – Hazlehead School (hazlehead-ps.aberdeen.sch.uk)


Term Overview Term 1

Here’s what we are learning this term –

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Our Class Charter