Off We Went With A Trumpetty-Trump…

The 4 trumpeters in our class today played at the music festival – Miss Bryan was so proud of them..!

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Energy from the Earth


As one of our final inputs for our learning about ‘Everlasting Energy’ we had an exciting visit from a parent last week. Mr Jones is a Geologist and he was able to tell us all about the earth and the energy the earth produces, such a Geothermal energy, oil and gas. The Primary 4s were so interested in learning about the planet and what we can get from it! Many of the pupils have said that they are inspired to be geologists when they are older and want to be fossil finders!



If you would like to find out more about the earth or where you can go fossil hunting then take a look at these links!

Rockwatch – UK Geology Club for Children –


BBC Bitesize – Fossils –


Fossil Hunting in the UK –


Trip to Aberdeen Science Centre

On Monday P4W and P4B went to Aberdeen Science Centre and it was amazing! We got to experience the ‘Theatre of Energy’ and the cool energy game that went along with it. The pupils had to make the most energy efficient world to help save the planet! The pupils also had a chance to explore and play with the other exhibits in the Centre where they were able to try lots of practical experiments and visuals for energy, as well as other areas of science. It was a fantastic opportunity to link to our Cross Curricular topic and very exciting for all of the pupils!

P4 visit to Hazlehead Academy’s science labs


As part of our Cross Curricular topic ‘Ever Lasting Energy’ the P4s partnered up with the academy to visit their science labs! The pupils had the chance to experience exciting experiments and demonstrations about energy and meet some of the fantastic teachers at the school.

Reflecting on the trip Isla W and Anna said ‘Our favourite part was when Mr McNeil set the paper on fire using his finger! It was amazing.’

Alice and Isla A said ‘We loved extracting the DNA from a strawberry – it was cool to see how tiny it was!’

Harris D and Robbie said ‘The physics room was so good and the experiments were so cool!’


Campfire in the messy garden!


Last Thursday we were so lucky to get the opportunity to work with Miss Simpson in the messy garden and make a bonfire! Miss Simpson has done a lot of training in outdoor learning and she taught us about safety around fires and how to build one in a fire pit and a Kelly Kettle. Everyone had a chance to help build the fire/light it/put sticks in it to keep the fire fueled. We felt the heat energy warming us up from the fire pit and we used the fire to boil water on the Kelly Kettle and made hot chocolate! Everyone thought it was delicious and so much fun!!


Since our science topic is about energy, it was also a fantastic time to link it to the bonfire. We discussed energy transfer and the types of energy that is used in a fire and heating up the water.


Take a look at these photos – we all had a fantastic afternoon!


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Adventure Aberdeen – Surfing!


Take a look at these fantastic surfer dudes from Tuesday’s Adventure Aberdeen session! The group were lucky to have the opportunity to go surfing, which was an exciting experience for them all! Sessions like this are helping the pupils build many skills such as, resilience, communication and confidence.

We will have some Adventure Aberdeen Pupil reporters sharing their thoughts on their exciting sessions with Bella coming soon…

Moving from ME to WE – Update


We have been working SO hard to create an amazing dance demonstrating what we have been learning about teamwork with Amy, the Artist in Residence! It is coming along really well and we are so excited to share it with everyone. Take a look at these photos to see a little sneak peak of what’s to come…


AFCCT Competition Winner!


Well done to Spencer who was one of the runners up in the AFCCT competition. He created a fantastic design stating what AFCCT means to him. He was chosen to win the prize of two tickets to the Aberdeen Vs Hibernian match this weekend! Well done Spencer and enjoy the game!

‘AFCCT lifts me up’


Author Visit

Last week we were very lucky to have a visit from the author Stuart Reid! He came to our class to do an awesome talk about how to write super stories. He has inspired us all to be creative and start writing our own stories!

Take a look at some pictures from the day. I have included a few characters that are being created in P4W and are currently a work in progress. We should have some fantastic stories to share in a few weeks time!




World Book Day!


On Thursday last week, Hazlehead Primary celebrated World Book Day. Our school went with the theme ‘Cosy up with a book’ which was so much fun and very exciting for the pupils getting to dress in their pyjamas! We had pupils in onesies, slippers and even dressing gowns!


We also took part in looks of different book and reading based activities on the day. These including a book swap, World Book Day art and our first visit to the (new and improved) school library in 2 years! Overall it was a fantastic day in P4W – take a look at some of the photos from the day.


Artist in Residence!


Today we had our first visit from Amy, the amazing Artist in Residence coming to Hazlehead! We are so lucky that P4 are going to be working closely with her on our new Cross Curricular Our Charitable World. This will be with a focus on the context, ‘Moving for ME to WE’.

Amy is going to be coming in to work with P4 on a Monday Wednesday and Friday up until the end of term. We will be doing lots of work on skills linking to collaboration, resilience, empathy and teamwork.

We are very excited for this creative opportunity! Keep an eye out here for more updates about what we get up to with Amy.



Today we played some fun dancing games to introduce ourselves to Amy, experimented with making shapes and working with different people, working collaboratively with a partner to come up with a cool handshake and much more! We reflected and identified the emotions that we felt throughout the session and how it felt to work with different people than we normally do.





Visit from Blairs Museum Curator!


Last Friday we has a visit from James who is the curator at Blairs Museum, he was speaking to us about Mary Queen of Scots. Unfortunately we were not able to go to the museum because of restrictions, but he brought the museum to us which was very exciting!

This was a fantastic experience that gave us the opportunity to see different artifacts that are on display at the museum. He also knew so much about Mary and was able to answer loads of super questions from pupils in our class!

Take a look at some of the pictures from the visit!


Mary’s death warrant signed by Queen Elizabeth I

Mary’s Prayer book, a miniature painting of Mary, handwritten letters from Mary and a coin from Mary’s time.

Memorial painting of Mary Queen of Scots – commissioned by her friend Elizabeth Curle.

These are copies of the paintings – James couldn’t take the real ones to school as they are double the size!

Adventure Aberdeen Reporters! Day trip to Hackley Bay –


We were so excited when we got on the bus, we could hardly wait to get to the beach! When we got there we found some sticks that we used as weapons when we were playing. Then we started to walk. We walked 6 kilometres! We played wars as puppies! When we got back to the bus we wished that it had lasted longer!

– Callum Jones


We were excited when we came to Hackley Bay. We played camouflage and had our lunch on a slanted rock. We made a soup out of our leftover lunch/snack. We stirred it round and round, it looked nice! Then we played a game of doggies. After that we went home!

-Brodie Teperek


When we arrived at Hackley Bay we started a 3 kilometre walk. When we were three quarters through the walk we played camouflage. When we got to the beach we ran to the rocks at the far side. Then we found houses in the rocks! We all ended up beside each other.  A bit later on we had lunch on the beach. We found a boat buried in the sand. After that we went back to the van. Overall, it was an amazing trip!

-Harris Davie

Adventure Aberdeen

Here are some photos taken on the recent Adventure Aberdeen trip to Balmedie Beach! Adventure Aberdeen is an amazing opportunity for our Primary 4s to take part in, helping them to build resilience, improve team work skills and much more.

We will now have Adventure Aberdeen reporters reflecting on their experiences. They will be posting on the website regularly so keep an eye out for that here.

Adventure Aberdeen Timetable

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