We followed the recipe for Steph the Chef’s tiffin as part of maths problem solving. The tiffin was delicious and much fun was had in the process! And then the following day, we saw Steph in the staff v pupils football match – which was nice!

Maidencraig visit

The whole of P5 were out and about in our local area with a visit to the Maidencraig Nature Reserve. Thanks to the Ranger Service for providing minibeast spotting sheets!

French food tasting

Bon appetit! French cheeses, pains aux chocolat, brioche, baguette, croissants, saucissons and crème brûlée! Enthusiasm levels through the roof and mostly thumbs up all round!

Tuning fork experiment

One of the most exciting ones so far, and the subject of this week’s writing: the transfer of energy!

Bonus session from AFCCT

We had a great lesson with David who taught us about agility, speed and the transfer of skills across different sports. Another chance to play handball was very welcome!

Parachute experiment

Another week, another experiment – this time using different sizes of parachute to investigate air resistance.

Over and under

How long does it take to pass a ball backwards along a line of P5 pupils? 32 seconds, apparently!

Sports Day and Potted sports

We were so lucky with the weather for our first proper sports day since 2019! Well done to everyone for taking part with smiles on their faces and for supporting their House!

Solubility experiment

Much fun was had trying to work out which substances were soluble – or not!

Super Science Seekers!

As part of our cross-curricular learning this term, we have been conducting some science

experiments to explore pH, gravity and friction.

Angus the Bull visit 🔴⚪️

There was much excitement when the AFC mascot came to school! He gave everyone leaflets about AberDNA and the opportunity to get 2 free tickets to Pittodrie ⚽️ 

Litter picking

Today was the first litter pick of the term and we collected 83 items in total! Many of them were tiny corners of sweet and other food wrappers, but they were no match for the P5FM litter busters!

Chalk pictures

What better activity on a sunny day than outdoor art? We used masking tape and chalk to create these lovely, colourful images in the playground. Hopefully they will stay for a few days before the weather changes!

Tree Planting

P5M planted trees for the Queen’s Green Canopy project.  We were inspired by them and we planted some trees of our own in the school grounds.  We worked with Mr Paul to plant these in the messy garden.  Its going to be so exciting to see them grow..!


Maths in nature 🐚🌀

We looked at examples of Fibonacci patterns in nature – shells and pine cones – before creating our own pictures inspired by the Fibonacci sequence.


Magic cereal! 🧠 💪🏼

We designed boxes of cereal with a difference: whoever eats it develops super growth mindset powers such as resilience, determination and the courage to make mistakes! Some of us presented our cereal boxes to persuade others to eat it…



Our Charitable World

We have chosen the title “Charity Champions” for our new cross-curricular context!

As our first task for homework, we listed 10 charities we knew of, particularly those which mean something to us or which our families support.

Which charities appear most often?

Very Victorian Thinglink

We have been studying Victorian times this term and we have put our learning together in a Thinglink.

Click on Queen Victoria to view it..!!

Adventure Aberdeen Timetable

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Bike Roadshow

Term Overview Term 3

Here’s what we are learning this term –

Download (PDF, Unknown)

We made a festive video

Hazlehead School – Christmas Concert 2021 – YouTube

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

We think you’ll agree that we are all looking very festive!

Term 2 Overview

Here’s what we are learning this term –

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Please Vote For Our Classroom Door


The Great Festive Door Vote – Hazlehead School (hazlehead-ps.aberdeen.sch.uk)


Term Overview Term 1

Here’s what we are learning this term –

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Our Class Charter