Out and About

This week we have been enjoying the good weather by being outside for lots of activities.  We have been litter picking as part of our Eco School targets (even though it rained a LOT on this day!).  We have also been practising for sports day next week.  Sunshine makes things so much better 🙂

How did the world begin?

This week we have been discussing the Theory of Evolution.  Here are some of our thoughts on a key player in this theory – Charles Darwin!


“Running” a Charity

Last term we planned our very own fundraiser for The Archie Foundation.  We ran over 100 miles in one day, raising over £1000! We are so proud of our achievements.  Take a look at how we did it:

Rotary Quiz

A huge well done to our Rotary Quiz Team who came 2nd in the local schools round – beaten by only two points! A great effort from all and brilliant to again be able to host pupils and staff from other schools.

More than Meets the Eye

We have recently been continuing our learning about body image and self confidence within Health and Wellbeing.  We have just completed a project where we chose someone who we find inspirational, created a video highlighting what makes them a positive role model and then produced a piece of art to represent who they are.  Here are some of our finished pieces!

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Author Visit – Stuart Reid

Last week, we were lucky to have author Stuart Reid come in to share his experiences and teach us all about what it is like being an author.  We had so much fun, we laughed a lot and even got squirted with a water gun! So many of us were inspired by his stories, some of us even purchased a signed book from him!


Be Body Confident!

Lately, we have been discussing how to be body confident and breaking the myths of ‘social norms’ when it comes appearance.  We believe that it is what inside that counts the most and that you should always be yourself with pride!

We created posters to support others in our school, giving them advice about loving who they are!

Electrical Circuits

In Science, we have been learning about electricity by creating simple circuits and discussing how electrical energy flows. We have been thinking about how reliant we are on electricity and how easily the lights can be turned off!

Term 4 – our learning

Numeracy – We are just finishing our block on money, where we have been budgeting using online shops, working out value for money using takeaway menus and converting between pounds and pence. This term we will also recap our understanding of time and measure.

Literacy – We are about to start looking at imaginative writing.  We will be learning all about plot twists, powerful characters and description of setting.  We are also going to be looking at instructional writing, linking it into PE where we are creating our own fitness circuits for others!

Health and Wellbeing – This term we will be looking at healthy relationships and also doing a lot of work on transitions before our big move to the Academy!  We will be talking through any worries we might have and considering strategies to overcome them.

Cross Curricular – Our Cross Curricular topic this term is science based, we have chosen the theme ‘Discovering our Wonderful World’.  We will be looking at many big scientific discoveries in the past and how they have changed and developed the world we live in!

Termly Overview – Term 4

Here is what we are learning this term:

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