We are proud to already have 2 Green Flags from the Eco Schools programme and are in the process of applying for our 3rd Green Flag during 2018/19.  Hazlehead is strongly committed to promoting Eco initiatives.  For further information, see Eco Schools 

From an audit of all 10 topics, we could see that our 3 projects for development are:

  • Biodiversity
  • Litter (mandatory)
  • Transport

Pupils from the Eco Working Group have opted into one of the 3 projects and are currently implementing the individual action plans for each group.




We have the following targets on our Eco board in the school.  These have been stuck onto leaves.  When the target is achieved, the leaf will then move up and onto a branch!



Our Biodiversity Action Points

  • Find out if the children know how to ‘respect and care for living things’.
  • Survey the range of habitats that the school provides to encourage biodiversity.
  • Check if the birds are fed that visit our grounds.
  • Check if the flowers planted encourage wildlife.
  • Review opportunities that children get to plant seeds/seedlings of native plants both in and out of doors and watch them grow and care for them.
  • Check if the school use any chemicals in our school grounds.
  • Check if there are any quiet places to watch, study and enjoy nature.
  • Create records of the wildlife that comes into our school grounds.
  • Look at how the school can celebrate local biodiversity during the school year.
  • Review the school grounds or local area to see if more can be done for biodiversity.