Climate Action – Focus Point 2

Find Out What Pupils Think Of The School Grounds

School Grounds Survey


We carried out a survey to find out what pupils would like to see in our school grounds.  These were the suggestions.


From looking at the suggestions and in being realistic, we are going to investigate establishing the following for 2020/21:

  • Plants and flowers in class-based planters
  • Bird watching area for Nursery pupils
  • A plastic bottle greenhouse
  • Repaint the wooden benches


Building A Recycled Greenhouse


We spent several weeks planning a greenhouse using plastic bottles.  We even collected several hundred plastic bottles.  Unfortunately, the company who own the school grounds have said that this project can’t go ahead.



Beautiful Benches

A huge thank you to our amazing PSAs who have worked with the Eco and Community Group to spruce up our tired wooden playground benches.  They have been painted in our bright house colours of red, blue, green and yellow.  They look amazing and are very popular with the pupils both for playtimes and for outdoor learning.

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STEM Shelter for the Nursery


Following our Mud, Mess and Magic approach to outdoor learning, the children were interested in birds so the nursery staff thought it would be good to make the existing shelter into a hide.  The side windows now look onto the bird feeding area that has been created. The children check the water is filled and top up feeders as required.

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A bird spotting and tree spotting poster was added and then number posters were added as well.  The STEM shelter is only for nursery children at present. Next year we will be extending it to the P1 children as well.

What do the nursery children think?

“I like hiding in the shelter when it rains.” Martha

“I like looking for birds outside with the binoculars.” Alexander

“I saw the birds eat the bird food.” Finlay

Auditing the biodiversity features in Hazlehead ELC



0          The feature does not exist. Children cannot show an interest in it or use it.

1          The feature does exist but it is not loved and cared for

The children do not take an interest in it nor use it in their play

2          The feature does exist. It is looking a bit shabby but still chic

The children take an occasional interest in it, such as when invited to by an adult.

It is occasionally used in their play.

3          The feature does exist, It is loved and cared for.

The children show a genuine interest in it, It is often used in their play.


Feature Loved and cared for

Score 0-3

Children show an interest in and use Action Required
Bat – friendly features 0 0
Bird – Friendly spaces

●      Feeding stations

●      Nest boxes

●      Bird bath

1 1 Focus on bird friendly spaces

Bird Feeders – Link with Eco Group in school.

Eco Group made bird feeders with ELC.

Bog garden, marsh or wetland 0 0
Bulbs – broad mix, native 2 2 Spring bulbs planted November 2020
Composting 1 0 We have a composting site in school. This needs to be highlighted and discussed with the children.

How does it work? What do we need to do?

What is the impact?

Green Roof – turf, alpine plants or sedum 0 0
Habitat piles

●      Leaf

●      Log

●      Stone


0 0 To be considered in 2021.

Using tyres create a bug hotel using natural materials.

Hedges – native 0 0
Herbs 0 0 To be developed 2021/2022.
Hibernaculum (frog/toad home) 0 0 Tadpoles in ELC setting 2021
Long grass 0 0
Minibeast hotels and similar wildlife homes 1 1 Bug hotel – 2021 – Put up in May 2021.
Neglected, overgrown corner or patch of ground 0 0
Orchard (fruit trees, shrubs, and edible berries) 0 0 Fruit trees for the Grassy Hill – 2021

Request to parent council.

Pollination plants :insect friendly native species 0 0 Use parental knowledge from the questionnaires to find out about insect friendly plants.
Ponds 0 0
Stumpery 3 3 We have a stumpery on the Grassy Hill which the children access weekly. They love climbing and it gives them an opportunity to take risks and develop their Gross Motor skills
Trees : Scottish native 3 3 There are native trees in our Messy Garden.

An area to develop would be knowledge of the tree names and labelling the trees.

Water – wild sources 0 0
Wildflower meadows 0 0
Willow structures 1 0 We had two willow structures but now one has died.

We need to develop our knowledge of how to maintain the structure and have the children plant and weave the willow each year – 2021/2022