Climate Action – Focus Point 3

Focus 3 – Do You And Your Class Have Space To Grow Plants?

Our Perfect Planters

We are working with the Community Group on developing our school grounds.  We want to give each class an area where they can grow plants and flowers.  We then want them to look after them so that they can understand what things need to grow while helping to make our school grounds really beautiful for everyone to enjoy.


Morrisons Donate Sunflower Seeds


A huge thank you to Morrisons for donating sunflower seeds to every class in the school.  We are very grateful for their support in helping us to develop our school grounds.


Sunflowers are very important flowers because:


  1. They are great for bees as they contain nectar and pollen which bees love
  2. They help to clean the soil
  3. They look beautiful when they have bloomed – they are known as the happy flower!


Each class is in the process of planting their seeds.  P1 planted their seeds on Sunflower Day!  We look forward to seeing how they grow.

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For more information on growing sunflower seeds, please visit this link: