Climate Action – Focus Point 4

Work With Other Groups To Develop The School Grounds

Partnership Working


We have been working closely with Daniel Shand who is the Environmental Chargehand for Aberdeen City Council.  He visits the school regularly to work with a small gardening group which has pupils from the Eco group and Community group.  Daniel is helping us to improve our school grounds with new planters and showing us how we can maintain them ourselves.  Thank you Daniel!



Many thanks to Jen, our local countryside ranger and valued partner, for coming into school to support us with their year’s event.  Jen worked with Miss. Fraser and P6 to investigate the nature that live in our community, namely the birds within our school grounds.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned lots of new bird facts.




The most common bird again this year were magpies (8) and herring gulls (6).  We submitted our results to the RSPB.

P6 then made bird feeders to hang around our grounds.  This is really important to help the birds in the colder weathers when it is really difficult to find food.  You can find different ways to make simple feeders online.  Here is one site we have used.