Litter – Focus Point 3


As of May 2019, there will no longer be a litter patrol operating on a volunteer basis.  See below for further details.


Litter Stars!


Our Litter Patrol currently operates on a class rota basis to give every pupil an opportunity to take responsibility for keeping our school clean.  We are delighted that everyone takes part but a big thank you has to go to these two P6 pupils for being regular litter pickers, volunteering several times a week – even when it’s not their class who is litter picking.  Mrs. Jones has given them a shout out on twitter.  They really are role models for our school.


The Litter Patrol In Action

The Litter Rota in Action


Here is an example of the Litter Rota.  It features on our Eco Board.  You can see the names of the pupils which covers the whole class to give everyone a turn across the month.  The pupils work in pairs and know that they either have to litter pick in the P1area, the middle of the playground or the basketball court.  This covers the whole playground.