Litter – Focus Point 7

Continue Litter Picking In The Community


Litter Picking Outside The School

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P6/7 Litter Pick


P6/7 did a litter pick around the entrance of the school.  They filled half a bag of litter.  This was litter that had blown into the school from the outside boundary.  We were quite surprised at how much there was!  We mostly found pieces of litter was general food packaging, sweet wrappers and some plastic bottles.


P2 Litter Pick

P2 did a litter pick we in the messy garden which is part of our school grounds.  The pupils worked in groups of three, one held the rubbish bag, one picked up the litter and one kept a note of everything that they collected.  The type of litter found the most were sweet wrappers and crisp packets.  They loved being “Eco Heroes” and helping look after our school grounds.

P4T Litter Pick

P4T were able to go beyond our school grounds for the first time since the pandemic to pick up litter beyond our boundary fence.  They worked very hard and filled about half of 6 bags.

Most of the litter was as you would expect – crisp packets, sweet wrappers and other packaging.  However community picks always throws up unexpected items!!


Nursery Litter Pick

The nursery did some litter picking in the messy garden on Monday. Some children had noticed some crisp and sweet wrappers when we were down on Friday so we decided to tidy it up! They loved using the litter pickers and looking to find the litter (it was like a litter treasure hunt!).

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