Waste – Focus Point 5

Using Recycled Materials


Using Recycled Materials


From our investigating, we learned that our A3 paper is 100% recycled.


We learned that our A4 paper comes from sustainably managed forests.  We also learned that it has the Ecolabel logo means that it is a label of environmental excellence.

To find out more about Ecolabel, please visit: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/



We found out that our paper towels also have the Ecolabel logo on them.  We do not really use lots of paper towels because they are mainly only used in the staff room and sink areas.  All of our toilets have hand dryers.

To learn more about Ecolabel, please visit their website. https://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/



Thank you to Ms. Towns, Mrs. Mathers and Mr. Paul for helping us to find out what we have in school that uses recycled materials.  Our next goal is to see if we can buy more products that are made from recycled materials.  We think jotters may be a good focus because every child uses them.