Waste – Focus Point 2

Reduce Paper Use

Reducing Paper Use

We worked out how much paper we had used as a school from 2018/19.  Our oldest pupils in the Eco Group did some very tricky maths!


We worked out that:

  • We bought 505 reams of A4 paper
  • We bought 33 reams of A3 paper
  • 1 ream = 500 sheets


Therefore, in 2018/19, we used

  • 252,500 sheets of A4 paper
  • 16, 500 sheets of A3 paper


We also worked out that:

  • A4 length is 29.7cm
  • A3 length is 42cm
  • 1 mile is 160, 934.4cm


Therefore, in 2018/19, the length of paper we used was:

  • A4 – 46.59 miles
  • A3 – 4.30 miles


The total miles of paper used was 50.89 miles!  This is the equivalent journey from Aberdeen to almost Dundee!  We hope to improve this next year for 2019/20.  We will keep in touch with Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Mathers in the office for up to date information.  In the meantime, we have put a sign up in the photocopying room to remind everyone the importance of asking yourself – do I really need to copy this?

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