Waste – Focus Point 2

Reduce Paper Use

Reducing Paper Use

We worked out how much paper we had used as a school from 2018/19.  Our oldest pupils in the Eco Group did some very tricky maths!


We worked out that:

  • We bought 505 reams of A4 paper
  • We bought 33 reams of A3 paper
  • 1 ream = 500 sheets


Therefore, in 2018/19, we used

  • 252,500 sheets of A4 paper
  • 16, 500 sheets of A3 paper


We also worked out that:

  • A4 length is 29.7cm
  • A3 length is 42cm
  • 1 mile is 160, 934.4cm


Therefore, in 2018/19, the length of paper we used was:

  • A4 – 46.59 miles
  • A3 – 4.30 miles


The total miles of paper used was 50.89 miles!  This is the equivalent journey from Aberdeen to almost Dundee!  We hope to improve this next year for 2019/20.  We will keep in touch with Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Mathers in the office for up to date information.  In the meantime, we have put a sign up in the photocopying room to remind everyone the importance of asking yourself – do I really need to copy this?

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Reducing Paper Use in the Office


We interviewed Mrs. Mathers who works in our school office to find out about how much paper is used in the office with information going home to parents.  This is what she said.


The office have dramatically reduced the amount of paper which  is sent home from school.  Our permissions are now all done online via google forms.  98% of our communications home are done via the website and groupcall and Xpressions.  We are very careful about which paper items we send home and we only do it if it is outwith our control (e.g. the Adventure Aberdeen medical forms which are not available online).


We are really pleased to learn that the office staff are working with us to try and reduce the amount of paper being used in school.  This really helps us with achieving our target.  Thank you!