Waste – Focus Point 6

School Canteen And Food

Food Wastage


We interviewed Steph the Chef to find out more about her role and also about food waste.  We learned lots of new information.

Since starting at Hazlehead school there have been noticeable differences in the school kitchen regarding food waste. When I first started catering in the school the lunches were made through estimations of which dish would be more popular leading to considerable amounts of food waste. Now, the school has a different system in place, the children use the accord card which not only helps us to control allergies and dietary requirements of the children but also allows us to record information such as food choices for the day. This information notifies how much food needs to be made to enable the children to have the food choice they would prefer, decreasing the amount of waste left at the end of lunch service. The new system organises the kitchen with regards to lunches effectively and since this system has been put in place, the kitchen food waste has reduced by over 50% what it once was. On a daily basis, it measures about 500g – 1kg per day. The food waste that is left is disposed of accordingly and collected by a food waste company to be composted elsewhere.”                                                       Steph Campbell, School Cook


How much single use packaging do we use?


We spoke to Steph the Chef to find out more about single use packaging.  Since the menu changed in April 2021, Steph uses fruit cups that are completely biodegradable.  This includes the cup and spoon.  This is much better for the environment.


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The other single use packaging that is used keeps the food fresh and to protect the food due to COVID-19.  At the moment, due to health and safety restrictions, this can’t be changed.