Term 3 Global Update

‘95 Things to do before you leave Hazlehead Primary School’ is in the process of being finalised and the Global Working Group are excited to introduce this to the rest of the school in the coming weeks.

During our Working Group sessions, the children have been busy putting into place ways of advertising this to the school and wider community. This has included creating matching designs for each of the challenges, which will be painted onto materials such as sliced tree trunks for our school playground.

We’ve also been using technology to design posters on Google Drawings for all stages of the school to visualize what each challenge looks like, and how to achieve them.

The children are also enjoying the process of creating our five values characters using felt and their sewing skills. This would not have been possible without the help of our parent volunteers, and their continued support is greatly appreciated. Each class will receive a set of these characters to further promote our school values. Teachers will continue to reference the values daily, and remind the children about the importance of setting themselves goals and challenges throughout the year.



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