Creating a graph

This week Primary 2M have been learning how to create a pictorial graph. The children chose to find out what the classes favourite food is.

  • I have explored a variety of ways to present data and can answer questions about the information it contains.

ASV Visit

Primary 2M visited the Sports Village where we went on a tour and took part in 3 different activities.

  • I am developing skils and techniques and developing my level of performance and fitness


This week we have been learning how to find a line of symmetry and how to make a symmetrical picture.

  • I have explored symmetry and can create and recognise symmetrical patterns.

Visit to Craigiebuckler Church

Primary 2M went to the Church to learn about the windows designed by William Wilson. They will then design their own stained glass inspired by him.

  • I can respond to work of artists and designers


This week we have been working on building our core strength.

  • I can practice my skills to develop control and flow

The Maritime Museum

Primary 2M visited the Museum as part of their IDL about Aberdeen. The children were particularly interested in learning about Aberdeen link to fishing.

  • I can compare aspects of peoples daily lives in the past with my own


Challenge to find a Buttercup

Primary 2M were looking in the Muddy Garden for new flowers. We had previously found Daffodils and Crocuses.

This time we found Daisies and Dandelions but we couldn’t find a Buttercup. The children decided to search the school grounds for a Buttercup. We only found this one!




P2M have been learning about volume and capacity with Mrs Chalmers.

National Outdoor Learning Day

P2M made their spelling words using Natural materials that they found in the garden.



P2M have been investigating how to find quarter of a number using Numicon.

Dictionary Work

This week Primary 2M have been learning how to use a dictionary. They worked with a partner to find words starting with all 26 letters.

We will continue to build on our knowledge by looking for specific words and their meanings.

This pupil showed great courage riding his bike to school when he said that he was a bit scared to do it.

As part of our Julia Donaldson IDL Primary 2M went on a Gruffalo Hunt in the Muddy Garden.

  • I can work as part of a team
  • I can use directional language

Primary 2M were working with the JRSO leaders to learn how to cross the road safely.

  • I can stop look, listen and think
  • I can walk sensibly across the road
  • I can look for a green man to tell me its safe to cross the road


Pets Corner Visit

Primary 2 were given the opportunity to learn facts about the animals at Pets Corner. We were looking for animals that Julia Donaldson had written about in her books.

The children then had time at the park to play with friends and interact with children from both classes.

  • I can create notes
  • I can identify different animals
  • I can play in a fair and responsible manner

This week we have been doing Numicon



Termly Overview – Term 2 2018/2019

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