‘Readers are Leaders’ with Andy McKechnie

Primary 5 took part in a workshop designed to help pupils become even more confident leaders and readers than ever before.

Andy McKechnie, a former World Public Speaking champion, has helped Olympians, Paralympians and action adventurers in the power of positive thinking and developing leadership skills.

Primary 5 were thoroughly engaged in his story-telling and activities. Andy believes that young people should build  capacity in 4 key areas: Learning Power, Emotional Power, Athletic Power and Dream Power. so that they can become leaders in their school, community and the new world of work.


SHARE (Sexual Health And Relationships Education)

Just to let you know that Primary 5 will view the series ‘Living and Growing’ that is appropriate to P5 at some point this term as part of the Health and Well-being curriculum.


Themes covered in Unit 1: Living and Growing:


  • Programme 1: Differences



  • Programme 2: How Did I Get Here?



  • Programme 3: Growing Up



Further information can be found below. Please note that the programme which is outlined inside this leaflet is supported by the Channel Four ‘All About Us: Living and Growing’ DVD resource pack.  This is available for parents to view at home.  Please contact the school if you would like to view this resource.


Primary 5

Unit 1: Living and Growing


Programme 1: Differences

  • To introduce children to life cycles.
  • To explore the differences between male and female.
  • To enable children to reflect on differences between male and female other than physical differences.


Programme 2: How Did I Get Here?

*This programme contains animation of sexual organs.

  • To explain that a baby develops inside its mother’s womb and that both the male and female sex parts are needed to make a baby.
  • To enable children to reflect on their development from babies.
  • To inform children about conception and the growth of a baby in the womb.


Programme 3: Growing Up

  • To show that we grow and change, as do all living things.
  • To show that some changes are social, that we become more independent and able to think about others as well as ourselves.
  • To look at identity and self-esteem, and reinforce the belief that we are all special.


Term 4

What a busy term we have in store for Primary 5!

We have had a ‘Bairns in the Kitchen’ experience on Week 1.  Primary 5 have been honing their skills in the kitchen and learning about healthy life choices. P5A (Group 1) were making a vegetable curry and were preparing and mixing all of the ingredients by following instructions on the recipe. Your child will get the session every second week and we hope they develop some confidence and skills in the kitchen that will prepare them for life.

Primary 5 have also been reconnecting with their pen-friends in Kenya. We are twinned with Karina Primary School and the link came about through Myles Edwards and his Gathimba Edwards charity. The children were excited to get replies form Kenya and are looking forward to updating them with news from our school this term and sending our second batch of letters shortly.



Oor Willie visited today to encourage us to display the school values – we filled his bucket with courage, opportunities, responsibilities, respect and fairness.


Term 3

Primary 5 have had a really busy term and have been thoroughly engaged in our learning contexts.

Firstly, Primary 5 were studying the Jacobites and were immersed in several meaningful activities. The children were fascinated with this period of Scottish history and made connections between historical events and the way our country operates n the present day.

Primary 5 looked at ‘Kaspar;Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo as a literacy focus and thoroughly enjoyed the novel. The book was based on fictional characters in 1912 who made the maiden voyage of the Titanic. This led to some wonderful creative writing and Art and Design experiences that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from.

We look forward to an exciting and busy term 4.