Updated Cooking Photos – 07/06/2019

Photos can now be viewed of the last 3 weeks of cooking in P5B. Both Group 1 and 2 have made Omelettes, with Group 1 also making a delicious Roast Chicken dish this past week.

The children really are doing such a fantastic job of developing their cooking skills and kitchen etiquette, and their confidence has grown as they have weekly success in preparing (and eating!) their own food.

The Google Drive folder is accessible to all, and can be viewed by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.



Aberdeen Youth Games – 24/05/19

On Friday the 24th May, P5A and P5B traveled to Aberdeen Sports Village for a full-on day of sun and sports! Between the coaching of students from RGU, Aberdeen College and Sport Aberdeen, P5 got to experience a range of stations and activities throughout the day. Our 3 main sports were badminton, athletics and rugby. I think it is safe to say that the favorite station from the whole day was the very last – the rugby tackle bags!!

Well done to all of the children from Hazlehead for their efforts throughout the day. It was really great to see so many children throwing themselves head-first ( sometimes literally) into the activities, all whilst demonstrating our key school values towards the coaches and children from other schools.

In addition to the photos found below, a public Google Drive album has been created with a variety of additional pictures from the day. This can be found at:



SHARE (Sexual Health And Relationships Education)

Just to let you know that Primary 5 will view the series ‘Living and Growing’ that is appropriate to P5 at some point this term as part of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum.


Themes covered in Unit 1: Living and Growing:


  • Programme 1: Differences



  • Programme 2: How Did I Get Here?



  • Programme 3: Growing Up



Further information can be found below. Please note that the programme which is outlined inside this leaflet is supported by the Channel Four ‘All About Us: Living and Growing’ DVD resource pack.  This is available for parents to view at home.  Please contact the school if you would like to view this resource.


Primary 5

Unit 1: Living and Growing


Programme 1: Differences

  • To introduce children to life cycles.
  • To explore the differences between male and female.
  • To enable children to reflect on differences between male and female other than physical differences.


Programme 2: How Did I Get Here?

*This programme contains animation of sexual organs.

  • To explain that a baby develops inside its mother’s womb and that both the male and female sex parts are needed to make a baby.
  • To enable children to reflect on their development from babies.
  • To inform children about conception and the growth of a baby in the womb.


Programme 3: Growing Up

  • To show that we grow and change, as do all living things.
  • To show that some changes are social, that we become more independent and able to think about others as well as ourselves.
  • To look at identity and self-esteem, and reinforce the belief that we are all special.


Numeracy – Information Handling, Collecting data through a survey of our school garden – 2/05/19

P5B showed a good recollection and understanding of how to collect and display data this week. The first of 3 linked lessons was heading out to our school garden, where each child chose 4 items to survey. These items varied from flowers and wildlife to play equipment and pieces of litter. We tally-marked our findings before plotting this data on a bar chart. A great effort made by all, and a special well done to those who challenged themselves by calculating the class average for each item!









































P5B Cooking – Group 1, Session 2/6 – 1/05/19

Group 1 had a fantastic time with their second cooking session, making a healthy Tomato Soup along with some mouth-watering Cheesy Bruschetta. The children are really developing their confidence in the kitchen whilst learning about different types of food groups and their importance to our bodies. Updated folders found at:


RGU Students – Tennis Coaching – 26/04/2019

P5B were very lucky to have Anna and Ed in from RGU to coach us some tennis skills out in the sunshine on Friday! We developed our ball control, and improved on both hitting distance and accuracy through rallies with a partner. Anna and Ed will be with us for the next 5 weeks on a Friday morning, with further coaching in sports including rugby and basketball. Thank you for the great session!










































P5B Cooking  – Group 2, Session 1/6 – 23/04/2019

Group 2 enjoyed their first cooking session with Bairns in the Kitchen, making a delicious Vegetable Curry. Photos can be accessed once more at:



P5B Cooking – Group 1, Session 1/6 – 17/04/19

This past week, Group 1 from P5B enjoyed making a delicious, healthy, flavorsome vegetable curry as part of their cooking sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. We first had to try and guess a variety of spices – from smell and taste – that we were going to use in the curry, including cinnamon, dried mustard and cardamon. We then got to work in chopping up some of our ingredients – onions, garlic and spinach – before cooking these in a pan. After adding in some final ingredients, we were then able to sit down and sample our afternoon’s work. It was safe to say that Mr Blair hadn’t heard the children that quiet all year!

Well done, Group 1, and thanks to our expert chefs Samantha and Ella for teaching us how to make this delicious curry!

Photos can be accessed at:












P5 Music – Anti-Bullying Raps! – 29/03/19

Over the last 4 weeks, both P5A and P5B have been working hard during their music time with Mrs Fisher, creating raps about bullying in the school. The first step was to build a bank of suitable rhyming words which they could use at the end of each line, before fitting short, snappy sentences in to match with the appropriate syllables. These were then typed up on Google Docs, before designing a colorful and attention-grabbing poster related to their rap. They even got to create some graffiti-style pictures and phrases to match the theme! An excellent effort all round, P5!











P5B Debate – ‘Who was most responsible for the deaths on-board the R.M.S Titanic?‘ – 27/03/19

Captain Edward J. Smith? The lookout boy, Frederick Fleet? Bruce Ismay, the managing director of White Star Line? The chief officer on-board the Titanic, William Murdoch? Or Stanley Lord, the captain of a close-by ship who failed to help?

P5B had A LOT of fun analysing, discussing and debating who they thought was most responsible for the unfortunate deaths on-board the R.M.S Titanic this week! We had to study evidence, listen to accounts from the suspects, and then compare and contrast the different reasons for guilt / innocence in order to individually make a final decision. After the groups were made up, we had a very passionate but respectful debate, with each group trying to convince the judge that their suspect was guilty.

Well done, P5B! A debate where all of our schools values were displayed throughout – Respect, Responsibility, Opportunity, Courage and Fairness!





























Google Drawings – Titanic – 26/03/19

To help our understanding of what the Titanic looked like, and the journey that Johnny Trott, Lizziebeth and Kaspar went on in April 1912, we used Google Drawings to design a replica of “The Unsinkable Ship”. The children were challenged to add as much detail as possible, and used primary sources to aid their vision of what the Titanic looked like from the outside.

The children used a range of skills, including: inserting a picture from the web for the background, inserting several different shapes for the different parts of the ship, changing the size and colour of these shapes to match a description and using the ‘drawing’ tool to add extra detail!
















‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’ – Expressive Arts Learning – 26/03/19

As part of ‘Our Literacy World’ focus, P5B have been studying Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. A large part of our learning has been centered on character, and how Morpurgo is able to ‘bring to life’ the actions and feelings of Kaspar, The Countess and Johnny Trott through detailed descriptions and metaphors.

We have taken part in various drama sessions, where we have mainly focused on the expression of the characters in different settings and situations. We have also studied the role of the narrator during short plays. Below are some pictures from the groups in action, trying to bring part of the text to life for their audience:




Well done, P5B!

















Termly Overview – Term 2 2018/2019

Download (PDF, Unknown)