This week pupils from P5-P7 participated in a ‘Question Time’ themed debate on the issue of BREXIT. Pupils put forward compelling arguments for and against the idea and put some very well constructed questions to our panel. Politicians in the making…

P6 ASG Games

This annual transition event gets the ball rolling in preparation for our current Primary 6 pupils moving into S1 this time next year. Today pupils had shared experiences with new faces and new places. Well done to some former pupils who helped with this event.

This annual event gets the ball rolling for transition to S1 for our P6 pupils. The pupils made some new friends and participated in a shared experience that is invaluable at this stage of Primary. Well done to many former pupils who helped organise the day.  Its 

SHARE (Sexual Health And Relationships Education)

Just to let you know that Primary 6/7 will view the series ‘Living and Growing’ that is appropriate to P6/7 at some point this term as part of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum.


Themes covered in Unit 2: Living and Growing:

Programme 4: Changes

Programme 5: How Babies Are Made


Programme 6: How Babies Are Born

Programme 7: Girl Talk

Programme 8: Boy Talk

Programme 9: Lets Talk About Sex


Further information can be found below. Please note that the programme which is outlined inside this leaflet is supported by the Channel Four ‘All About Us: Living and Growing’ DVD resource pack.  This is available for parents to view at home.  Please contact the school if you would like to view this resource.


Primary 6

Unit 2: Living and Growing


Programme 4: Changes

  • To introduce children to the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
  • To consider some of the changes over which we have no control and the choices we can make concerning those over which we do have control.


Programme 5: How Babies Are Made

*This programme contains animation of sexual intercourse.

  • To explain how babies are made.
  • To explore the idea of relationships, including friendships, parent-child and family relationships and adult sexual relationships

Programme 6: How Babies Are Born

*This programme contains footage of a live birth.

  • To explain how a baby develops in the womb during pregnancy and how babies are born.
  • To consider the needs of babies before and after birth.
  • To enable children to reflect on roles and relationships in the family.

Unit 3: Living and Growing


Programme 7: Girl Talk

  • To consider the physical and emotional changes that take place as girls go through puberty.
  • To address the concerns and worries of young women.
  • To make boys aware of the changes that occur as girls become young women.


Programme 8: Boy Talk

  • To consider the physical and emotional changes that take place as boys go through puberty.
  • To address the concerns and worries of young men.
  • To make girls aware of the changes that occur as boys become young men.


Programme 9: Let’s Talk About Sex

*This programme includes a discussion of homosexuality.

  • To consider how sex is presented in the media.
  • To consider sexual stereotyping.
  • To reassure pupils that their changing emotions are a normal aspect of puberty.


Primary 7


  • In Primary 7 the focus of the learning will be around the theme of Relationships. This will involve a lot of discussion and where appropriate, consolidation and reinforcement of the Primary 6 topics/programmes.



This week, some pupils from Primary 6 and Primary 7 had the opportunity to play some cricket with Robert Gordon’s pupils down at  their Countesswells facility. Having received input for a number of years from the Redball Cricket team, our pupils were able to apply their batting, bowling and fielding skills in a new context. Well done to all!





Oor Wullie visited and we have been designing how we think he should look



We have been very busy this term. Here is a flavor of some of our learning!

Hannah from the SSPCA taught us how to look after animals and why wild animals should be kept in their natural habitat.

In Science we have been designing and building our very own ROV models, suitable for the environment of a planet in the Trappist-1 solar system (which really does exist).

We strengthened our partnership with Hazlehead Academy by participating in the S3 Leadership Ceilidh. It was great to apply our Scottish Country Dancing in a real life context.

Last week, we received a Lego Robotics session courtesy of our partnership with BP. We spent the day using our coding skills in order to program our Lego models. This gave us an insight into the type of jobs and careers that are out there within STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) subjects.


Termly Overview – Term 2 2018/2019

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