Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Good Morning Primary 1, we hope you all have had a relaxing weekend.

We have kept things in the same format as last week with a Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well being outline for the week detailed in the links below. You will also find this in your classwork section in Google Classroom along with the worksheets and slides for the week. Have a great week!

                                     Literacy Week 2                   Numeracy Week 2                HWB Week 2

Primary 1 were busy baking last week, have a look at the link below to see what they have made. I think we definitely have some future bakers, yum yum!

                                                                                   P1 Bake Off! (1)

Week Beginning 23rd March 2020

Hello Primary 1!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Click on the links below or see Google Classroom for this weeks learning. If you are having trouble getting logged onto Google Classroom please email a member a of senior management. We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you are doing at home in your Google Slide.

                              HWB Week 1                 Literacy Week 1               Numeracy Week 1

P1 Timetable 

Here is the link to the Primary 1-3 learning at home activities.

Home Learning P1-3 – Google Docs

If you or someone in your family is sick and you cannot come to school, please follow this timetable of activities.  We will give you a list of activities for each subject every week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Phonics Writing Phonics Reading Phonics
Numeracy Numeracy Numeracy Numeracy 95 Things
Health and Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing Numeracy


Homework due Tuesday 24th March 2020

This week we have introduced the sound ‘th’. 

Action: Pretend to be naughty clowns and stick out tongue a little for th, and further for th (this and thumb).

  1. Ask your child to have a go at reading and writing a selection of the following words
Phonetic words Tricky words
moth, thin, maths, three, bath, think, with this, that, then

Dictate the following sentences to your child to write in their jotter. Remind them that a sentence begins with a capital letter, ends with a full stop and includes finger spaces. 

The moth was in the bath.

Put three pens in the tin.

 🦏 We are Responsible Rhinos! 🦏

As part of our IDL context ‘Our Hazlehead’ Primary 1 have been learning about who works in our school. Today we talked about why it is important to look after our school and decided to take part in a litter pick of the playground. Have a look at the photos below to see what we found.

As we progress through our learning we will begin to learn about our local area. Keep an eye out for a letter coming home with more details.

🥞 Perfect Pancakes 🥞

Primary 1 enjoyed a day of pancake fun today. We began the day by making pancake mixture and then wrote the recipe as a set of instructions.
In the afternoon we tasted our delicious creations and listened to the story of The Runaway Pancake. We were then busy developing skills such as retelling the story using puppets, sequencing activities, play dough pancake and cutting activities to develop our fine motor skills, as well as using ICT to develop our mouse control to draw our favourite pancake toppings!

🎻 Let’s Ceilidh 🎶

Primary 1 braced the cold this afternoon and took their learning outside, to make sure their Scottish Country Dancing was up to scratch for the whole school Ceilidh tomorrow. What fantastic concentration and rhythm shown by all the children!

 🎊Chinese New Year🏮

This week Primary 1 have been learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. The children have enjoyed listening to stories, making lanterns and dragons as well as having a go at using chop sticks!

 🎅 Merry Christmas 🎄 

The P1-3 children had a ball this afternoon at their Christmas Party. The best dancer competition was hard fought and the children enjoyed plenty of party games and delicious snacks.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday time with your family and look forward to seeing you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday 6th January!

✉️The Jolly Postman and Woman! ✉️

Primary one enjoyed making, writing and sending Christmas cards to their friends in the class today. I am so impressed with the beautiful handwriting as well as sounding and blending that is developing.

We walked to the post box to send our cards and happened to bump into not one but two Post People, how lucky! They were only too happy to have a photo taken with the class and answer some questions. They are very busy at this time of year so we were very grateful for the opportunity of the chance meeting! Take a look at the photos below and ask your child about this experience.

Engineering Week

This week we have been learning all about what it takes to be an engineer. Today we had a great time being Civil Engineers designing and building a den for Baby Bear. We had to work with a partner to collaborate and share our ideas. We are quite pleased with how our designs turned out. Ask your child to explain their design to you.


Buddy Reading with Primary 7 📚 📖

On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed meeting up with our buddies in Primary 7. We shared our reading books with them as well as playing some games they created for us. We look forward to meeting up with them again next Wednesday. 😊


More Fantastic Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

Take a look at how we are progressing with our gymnastic skills. 🌟 💫 ⭐️

Remembrance Day

Today we listened to ‘Poppy’s Day’ a story which helped us to understand about Remembrance Day. In the afternoon we took part in arts and crafts activities creating our own poppies and wreath as well as designing medals and creating a watercolour poppy field.

Balmedie Beach Trip

Primary 1 had a super visit to Blamedie Beach on Thursday the 7th November. We met with the primary 5s from Balmedie School who shared some of their learning with us at the Beach Bothy. They sang us a song which they had written & recorded to CD to sell, it was fantastic. They then took us to the beach to build sandcastles, dig for treasure and hunt for shells. We also managed time for a wee play in the park. Thank you to Mrs Duncan and the Primary 5s for looking after us and making it such a fun visit!

Fantastic Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ 🤸🏿‍♂️

The children have been practising their rolling, balancing and rotation skills in gymnastics with Mrs Webster. Ask your child to demonstrate what they have been learning!

4.11.19 Welcome Back!

Primary one have settled back into their learning after a lovely holiday. We are now learning two sounds a week, look out for these new sounds in the homework each week. We are beginning our preparation for the Christmas show too, more information to follow…


Please help your child to learn the song lyrics below in preparation for our trip on Thursday 7th November.

🌟 Happy Holidays 🌟

Primary 1 have had a busy last week of term 1. We have consolidated the letters that we have learnt so far and we have shared our amazing story ‘Nemo’s Adventure’ with Primary 5 through our Talk for Writing approach. Please ask your children to share the story with you if they haven’t already done so.

It has been a delight to see how quickly all the children have settled into routines and school life and we look forward to lots more hard work and fun next term. Have a lovely holiday 😊.

7.10.19 Number Fun 🔢 and Respect our Planet 🌍

Today in Primary one we have been experimenting with numicon to try and find as many different ways as we can to make the number 5. We then tried to record this using the addition and equal symbols.

Today we were shocked to find that our poor sea creatures in the water tray were trapped in plastic that had been thrown away. We discussed how important it is to look after our planet. The children talked about what we could do to respect our environment. Our ideas included doing a beach clean, helping others to remember to put litter in the bin, reducing the amount of plastic we use and reusing our plastic bags. Take a look at our eco code and some of the disappointing scenes we found today in the water tray. 😞🌍🚯♻️


Use these websites to help consolidate your child’s learning in Literacy.

Delicious Dinners


Primary 1 have settled into their lunchtime routine and are enjoying eating their school and packed lunch in the dining hall. I have been impressed with so many wonderful manners, it is so important to remember to say please and thank you. Keep practising your knife and fork skills at home!


Music Time  🎶 🐠 🎶

Today we were singing songs with Ms Hamilton. Have a look at the song lyrics below and try to sing them at home!


Primary 1 have settled well into their second week of full days. Today we were learning all about the letter and sound ‘i’. We have started to blend sounds covered so far to make words. Have a go at reading, making and writing the following words at home.

a, as, at, sit, sat, I, it, is

We learn about our numbers in different ways using a variety of resources such as cubes, counters, number fans and numicon. This week we are learning all about the story of 6 and 7. Take a look at the photos below and ask me what I have been learning.

Welcome to our Primary 1 class page.

We have had a busy and exciting start to the school year. Have a look at the photos below to see what we have been learning through our play based activities.