P4G’s page for 2019/20

Week 4: 09/09/19-13/09/19

In p4G this week we have been learning about place value in maths. We enjoyed the different stations, especially the ones that we could represent numbers using rods and cubes. Also, this week we have been learning about animals and food chains in the rainforest. For art this week we created rainforest creatures using oil pastels and crayons. On Thursday in French we counted up to 20 and for homework we have to write the numbers 1-10 in our homework diaries. In writing we enjoyed being able to use our imagination for Writers Craft because we could make it more dramatic and exciting.

Finn, Ruby, Shirin, Eviee and David

Week 5: 16/09/19-19/09/19

On Monday in P4G we were looking at writing sentences using adjectives and verbs. We also went to the library to silent read and choose a different book. On Tuesday we had music with Mrs Fisher and we learned a new song. For IDL, we started looking at the different people that live in the rainforests. In groups we started to create a presentation on tribes using the laptops. On Wednesday we shared our rainforest project models, presentations and posters with P4H. This was good fun as we were able to earn new things about the rainforests and who/what lives there. On Thursday we had P.E with Miss Grant and we were playing different hockey games. Overall, it has been a good week and we have learned a lot.

Mercedes, Annie, Nurain, Stefania, Alfie and Maira


Primary 4 had a fantastic day out at Techfest on Wednesday 28th August.  They visited three different workshops : Sources of Energy hosted by Glasgow Science Centre, Weather and the final one of the day was about pollutants in our rivers. The class enjoyed all the activities, however the highlight of the day had to be the “dry ice” cloud which filled the room in the Weather workshop!

Thank you from P4G to Ella and Stefania’s Mums for coming with us.