Perfect Picnics!

Yesterday was our whole school picnic day and the sunny weather was the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy some time outdoors with our family.  Take a look at some of our photos of the day!

What shop would I have?

This week our Google Meet question was set by Kya and she chose to ask “if you could own a shop, what shop would you have?”

Kya came up with the example of an Easter Shop, selling all things to do with Easter! People could come and spend time with bunnies and buy one if they wanted to! Here are some of our other great ideas:

  • Sports memorabilia shop
  • World souvenir shop
  • Quad bike shop
  • Video games and sweets shop
  • Rachel’s chocolate shop
  • Fashion design shop

We can’t wait to see these shops opening up in the future with our creative ideas and confident managers!

Keeping the community smiling

This week we have been learning all about community spirit.  We have so many people in our communities who are helping others at this time, so we wanted to show our thanks.  Here are some of the amazing things we have done this week to bring a smile to others’ faces!

All things digital!

This week we turned our learning to digital technologies and how they have helped us keep in touch with people we love.  Technology has been a huge positive for many of us over the last few weeks, with being able to FaceTime, Google Meet and learn from home! We have been thinking ahead and designing our own technology of the future! Here are some of our incredible designs!

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Healthy Me, Happy Me Update

Over the past few weeks, we have kicked off our Cross Curricular Learning and IDL by looking at what keeps us physically and mentally healthy. Here are some of the things we have been doing:

  • trying relaxation activities
  • sharing what keeps us happy and relaxed
  • exploring the main functions of the human body
  • thinking about how we keep different parts of our body healthy
  • creating our own weekly fitness plans

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Celebrating School Uniform Day in style!

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Our recipes are proving to be a hit!

Since we shared our incredible recipe book last week, we have had some keep taste testers trying them out!

Lucy tried out Lucas’ muffin recipe and don’t they look delicious!

Steph the Chef also tried out her own version of a tasty omelette – maybe one for you to try at home! Click on the picture to see the full video!

The life of a journalist!

Today we had a very exciting live Q&A session with journalist and news reporter, Kaye Nicolson from STV!  We learnt all about becoming a journalist and what the job entails.  We got to ask lots of questions and we even got to see the camera which is used to film!

Healthy Me, Happy Me

This week we have kicked off our new topic, which is called ‘Healthy Me, Happy Me’.  This week we have been focusing on healthy eating.  P4H have created their very own recipe book with delicious recipes that we love to eat with our families at home.  We have been sharing recipes and preparing food at home!  Check out our recipes and try them for yourself!

Next week we will be looking at mental health and what makes us happy! Check back next week to see more of what we have been up to!

May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars day…do you recognise any of these people….?

What are we grateful for?

Today in our Google Meet we were discussing what it means to be grateful and shared all the things that we have been grateful for this week. There are a lot of super mum’s and dad’s out there who we are all grateful for! Here are the rest of our thoughts….

Feelings through poetry

Check out this INCREDIBLE poem that was shared by our very own P4H Meesha. Meesha wanted to share her thoughts and feelings on coronavirus through poetry and I was so impressed with her work. Poetry is a wonderful way of expressing ourselves and this beautifully written poem shows this!

Welcome back!

I hope you all managed to enjoy your holidays, it was a very strange and different one for sure! I managed to go for some nice walks in the sunshine, do some gardening and also managed to complete a jigsaw! Let me know what you did and enjoyed by sending me a message on Google Hangouts!

We are back to learning this week and I want you to remember that you just need to try your best, don’t worry if you can’t do something or find something difficult. If you do, send me a GMail to let me know what was tricky and I can help you.  All assignments are on Google Classroom.

Enjoy and I am looking forward to hearing all about your holidays!

“Any day spent with you is my favourite day. So, today is my new favourite day.” — Pooh, Winnie the Pooh.

Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Check out all the fun and creative things P4H were up to over the holidays!

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Term 4 Timetable

Here is a timetable of suggested activities for this term.  The activities will be posted in Google Classroom each day, so please check for more information.  Please do not worry if you cannot complete an activity, we understand that some days will be easier than others.  We are always at the end of an email for further information, support and guidance so please do not hesitate to contact us using your child’s GMail account.

Schools Out…Spring is here!

Click here for An end of term message from me. Happy holidays everyone!

P4H Spreading smiles in Aberdeen

Here are some of the beautiful rainbows that P4H have been sharing in their windows.  It is safe to say that there will be lots of smiles brought to people with these creative designs!

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Struggling to get to grips with Google?

Fear no more – all the steps are simplified in this Google Daily cheat sheet!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Wacky Weather

This week we have been sharing some incredible learning all about our IDL of Wacky Weather.  Here is a selection of what we have learnt!

Rainy Facts by Kya

Earthquakes by Harrison P

Tornadoes by Hari

Blizzards by Erin


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Our Very Own Published Author!

In today’s Evening Express, our very own Callie McAndrew will have her own piece of news published.  Incredible job Callie….remember us when you are famous!

Weekly wrap up!

What a week it has been for P4H.  I couldn’t be more proud of the success that everyone in the class has had.  We have all had to adjust quickly to a whole new way of working, learning new skills and showing all of our school values.  I have also had a week of learning, which has been scary but very exciting! Thank you all for being so incredible, seeing your work and smiling faces has made this week a great one!  Enjoy your weekend, relax and spend time with loved ones! You deserve it 🙂  Mrs Harper

P4H sharing their superb skills!

Here are some of the amazing things we have been getting up to so far this week.  Well done P4H – absolute superstars! (You can even have a sneak peek of me joining in with Joe Wicks!)

Mrs Harper

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P4H – we are all in this together!

P4H are now ACTIVE on Google Classroom, which is fantastic to see!  Lot’s of the class have been up and getting active with Joe Wicks this morning…tiring, but fun!  I joined them in this, so I am just as ready for a snack at break time!

Some incredible learners have also been sharing their amazingly creative spelling activities this morning! So proud of you all already…keep up this amazing work!

For those who haven’t been on yet, make sure you get across to the Classroom so that you don’t miss out on our incredible progress! Mrs Harper 🙂

Please see the below attachment for ideas that can be used for Literacy, Numeracy and HWB:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Read about our Term 3 so far!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Our Plans for Term 3:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

We have a very busy and exciting term planned for the pupils in P4H:  

This term, the Primary 4 Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) topic is World’s Wackiest Weather. When the class came together after our long weekend, we discussed what we wanted to learn and have decided to learn about extreme weather, global warming, measuring the weather and weather around the world.  We will be considering the impact what we do has on the weather and our world.  It is great to see that the children have so many interesting ideas about what and how they want to learn, so we are in for an exciting term ahead!

P4H have access to a Google Classroom where further information will be shared.  Please check your child’s homework diary for their log in details!