Our New Timetable

As we are moving to the end of term we are going to have 2 activities.

Here is what your classes will look like

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Our Healthy Cookbook

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Week Beginning 18th May 2020

This week Primary P5M will be looking at Tiling in maths. We are starting with triangles and will explore different shapes as the week progresses.

In spelling we are looking at words related to our big question as well as our weekly spelling. See the link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sNVUQ2M97ninBxBO5zueaMr-EvFQqF12OsWYI6y2bpA

For reading we are continuing reading the Brilliant World of Tom Gates from page 128 onward.

For our Healthy Me we are going to be exploring our first Big Question – What happens to my body when I exercise


Summer Term Timetable

Welcome back P5M – Lets have a wonderful summer term.  Here is our timetable –

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Spelling Strategies

In your work on Google Classroom you will see the Daily Spelling Routine and Spelling Strategies.

Please use the Routine and Strategies below

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Read Theory

This is the link to Read Theory https://readtheory.org .  This will allow you to practise reading and comprehension while you are not in school.  I have mailed your usernames and passwords to you

  • P5M are using natural light to read with friends in the spring sunshine


Primary 5 M suggested Timetable for School Closure


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Literacy – Dictionary activity Literacy-


Literacy – Inference questions Literacy

Paragraph about their week


Doing their spelling outside


Time – differentiated


Time – differentiated


Time – differentiated


Time – differentiated


Beat that and times table practise


Activity they can do at home


Listen to a piece of music and comment on it

95 things to do Art

Creating picture


Outside to see what plants and animals they can classify

Work from Home

For pupils who are not currently attending school, Mathletics has been set and keep on reading and taking your AR tests.

Miss Morrison.

We’re Going On A Bug Hunt

The messy garden is a great place to be in the spring sunshine.  New signs of life are coming all the time, so we went looking for some crawly friends..!

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We are Botanists..!

We took a trip out to the messy garden and we were trying to identify plants and classify them scientifically.

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Bonjour…!! We are learning French

We have really enjoyed learning French – or Nous avons vraiment aimé apprendre Français as they say in France

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Maths in P5M

We have a very hands on approach to maths in P5M which really helps us to get to grips with numeracy.

The days of “don’t write on the tables” are long gone…!!

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The Battle of Culloden

In 1746 the Hanovarians beat the small army of Jacobites at the Battle of Culloden.

Unfortunately no cameras were there that day, so Primary 5 had to re-enact the Battle to truly get a feel for it.

The Hanovarians (Mr Blair’s class) once again defeated the Jacobites (Miss Morrison’s Class) – on the basketball court at school rather than Culloden Moor.

Also, Primary 5 got to have lunch after which probably wasn’t quite how the day panned out for the original fighters.

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At Techfest the children were learning about the different properties of water

  • I have investigated floating and sinking of objects in water.SCN 2-08b
  • I have investigated different water samples and explored methods that can be used to keep it clean SCN 2-19

The Muddy Garden

Every Thursday the class go to the Muddy Garden to take part in different outdoor Activities.

They were asked to create the Solar System and show the different sizes of the planets.

  • by researching our solar system I can communicate my understanding of size and scale. SCN 2-06a

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