Home Learning

All Primary 6/7 students are expected to carry on their learning by logging on to Google Classroom and checking the planned activities. I hope everyone is well and I’m looking forward to carrying on our teaching and learning digitally.

Monday: Numeracy (time);  Literacy (reading/class novel)) ; Health and Well-being (Reflection)

Tuesday: Literacy (Comprehension); Numeracy (stop watch/practical); Health and Well-being (PE)

Wednesday: Literacy (Spelling); Numeracy (time duration)  ; Health and Well-being (Mental Well-being)

Thursday: Mathematics (Problem Solving) ;  Literacy (Book study) ;  Health and Well-being (PE)

Friday:  Mathematics (Time/Check-Up) ;  Literacy (Writing) ;  Health ad Well-being (Reflection)

I look forward to  communicating with you all via Google Classroom. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Thank you,

Mr Andersen

Lego Robotics and Drone Footage

Manish from BP and John from Computer Xplorers visited school and we had a workshop using Lego Robotics.  We were learning how to program the robots to perform tasks.

At the end of the workshop we were shown a drone being controlled and here is a link to the footage of us.

Drone Footage – Flying Over Hazlehead

Term 3 IDL

Its an exciting time with the Business Moguls in P6/7 as they learn about the World of Business this term.

What does it take to run a business? What kind of businesses are there?  Why do we run businesses?

Could WE run a business….?

Is Mr Andersen going to become Sir Alan and fire some of us….?







First Aid Training

Thank you to the Parent Council who paid for us to have 2.5 hours of First Aid training with Mr Malcolm.

First Aid is a great life skill to have – it helps us be Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals.

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We had great fun at Hazlehead Wipeout

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“Its A No Money Day” and our Foodbank

We were introduced to the book “Its A No Money Day” at assembly last week.  This is a book about poverty and foodbanks.

We have seen this as a great opportunity to relaunch our school Food Bank – everything donated before Christmas will be taken to Aberdeen Cyrenians for their foodbank.










War Horse

As a class we are currently reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  We are learning about Joey the Horse and his former owner Albert, against the background of the First World War.










More Curling..!

P6 are sad to see their curling sessions coming to and end – a great time was had by everyone, including Fraser’s Mum who had a go.

We would really like to thank to coaches and the Ice Technicians at Curl Aberdeen for helping us having this wonderful experience.

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P6 say Curling’s STILL Cool

We enjoyed Curling so much that we went again.  Did you know that a curling stone weights 22 kg – thats 22 bags of sugar.  There are no “small” or “light” ones available – the ones we played with are exactly the same as the ones you see at the Olympics.  Lots of us showed a lot of courage as we did something we had never done before

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