P6 M&F

🔎 Learning Showcase 🌏

Pupils from P6, P6/7 and P7 created exhibitions to share the learning from their respective class contexts. There was a wide variety of work on show as pupils reflected on their learning with each other. Whether the focus was Natural Wonders, Dynamic Earth or Natural Disasters, there was something for everyone to learn.

Well done to all involved!

➕ Numeracy Carousels ➖

We have been busy ordering, rounding, estimating, partitioning, adding and subtracting numbers – what a list! If the foundations of number knowledge are strong then we can pick up new concepts more easily. Hence, our fast paced practising of all things number, just to keep things fresh!

Curling’s STILL Cool

We enjoyed Curling so much that we went again.  Did you know that a curling stone weights 22kg – that’s 22 bags of sugar.  There are no “small” or “light” ones available – the ones we played with are exactly the same as the ones you see at the Olympics.  Lots of us showed courage as we did something we had never done before.

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🥌 Curling’s Cool 🥌

Ice, ice, ice… what a fantastic start we had this afternoon, on our first curling session. It was cold but we were roasting hot with our enthusiasm for this new sport (first time for many P6s). It is much harder than it looks on the tele! A combination of balance, co-ordination and communication was on the skills checklist today.



🏈 Rugby Taster Sessions🏈

As you are aware, on Tuesday mornings we have been enjoying rugby. Already we have learnt about the W shape when catching the ball with two hands, passing backwards and using spaces not faces. This week we even had some matches and in true All Blacks style we created our own Haka- click the link below to watch one of our attempts.

P6 Rugby Haka



💻 Digital Technologies 💻

We have been fine tuning our digital skills to create eye catching front covers for our individual research wonder topics. Having looked at a variety of tools, such as crop, rotate and layering, we think you will agree our covers look great. Our reports are almost finished and we have been utilising some of the Read & Write tools for Google Docs.










📚 Hazlehead Academy Library 📚

We were lucky enough to be invited along to Hazlehead Academy to offer our opinions on the shortlist of Science books. It was a great opportunity to discuss what we enjoy about books and how different styles appeal to different people.

🎼 The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen…✏️

We enjoyed a bit of a sing song this week as we visited the spectacular Northern Lights. A good opportunity to practise our cursive handwriting, create some poetry and develop our reading comprehension skills.

📍Next stop…Zimbabwe!

Another busy week plotting our travels on a world map, recapping the continents, oceans, countries and directions. Then we were mesmerised by the immense wonder of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the World. We feel some art inspiration… looking at colour, composition, blending and brushstroke techniques to create lovely landscape paintings.











🌏 Great Barrier Reef 🐠

We have already learnt about the internal structure of the Earth, the rock cycle, geodes and so this week we looked at the 18 different types of landforms. Go on…ask us a question! We also turned our attention to the beauty that is The Great Barrier Reef.  Apparently it can been seen from space?

Here are some of our black line drawings of coral-







🌟 Natural Wonders of the World 🗺

So we are off on a tour around the World to study the natural wonders we are so lucky to have. Throughout this term we will aim to research a different wonder per week whilst becoming experts in our own chosen natural wonder. First stop, and what an iconic image it is, The Grand Canyon.

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