P7 Reflection Time: Part 2

This is a test post from P7. It is still Friday the 13th September and therefore still unlucky for some! Mr Crowther is now showing group 2 how to upload to the class website. What a busy day!

Here is the senior football team ready for the start of the new season.

P7 Reflection Time: Part 1

This is a test post from P7. It is Friday the 13th of September (unlucky for some) and Mr Crowther is showing us how to update our website.

Here is one of our top runners competing in the Union Street Mile. Well done!

Techfest Trip

We had a great time at Techfest, learning about various topics which link to Our Scientific World. The class is learning about natural disasters this term, so it was a very meaningful outing for all involved.

Pupils took part in 3 workshops:

STEM Through The Ages

Pollution Detectives

Geology Rocks