Primary 7 have also officially begun their transition to secondary school this week. Pupils who are attending Hazlehead Academy can visit the Transitions Google Site (below), where they can find out lots of information about the academy and access the first of 4 transition challenges.



This week, Primary 7 have begun learning about positive relationships as part of Sexual Health And Relationship Education (SHARE). Please visit the following link for more information.


How to become an ‘active adolescent’

This week Primary 7 have been learning about how to stay physically fit and healthy during their teenage years, whilst also tackling the question, ‘How can we thrive in difficult times?’ The class have created a Joe Wicks inspired workout book to go with their healthy recipes from last week. Why not give these 3 routines a go…

Cross Curricular Topic

This term as part of ‘Our Healthy World’ Primary 7 are learning all about how to stay healthy as they begin their journey towards adolescence. Below are our Big Questions that will be covered in a variety of ways this term.


  • Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle during adolescence?
  • What do healthy relationships look like?
  • What role does the NHS play in keeping our country healthy?
  • How can substance misuse affect a person’s life?
  • What skills do we need to thrive in difficult times? (IDL)

This past week the pupils have been creating a recipe book called ‘Recipes for Teens’ – below is an example of Itaian bruschetta.


Working Hard at Home

Primary 7 pupils accessing their learning this week from the comfort of their own home!

The Iguana artwork is a great way to spend time in between activities – well done Jorja.










Term 4 Begins

Welcome back to everyone associated with Primary 7. We are up and running again with our online learning for this term and intend to make the most of this very unusual time! The class will continue to be assigned 3 activities each day (Numeracy, Literacy and Health) as well as other areas of the curriculum as is appropriate. The class will continue to have a ‘get together’ every Friday in the form of a Google Meet.

I’d like to personally thank all pupils, parents and helpers who are ensuring that the learning in Primary 7 continues to be accessed and that momentum is maintained throughout the required duration.

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. Michael Jordan” – Michael Jordan

Online Learning

Here is an overview of the timetable for the week commencing 23rd March. Lessons will appear on Google Classroom every morning during the week. Good Luck! Mr Crowther.

  • Mon: Literacy (Spelling) – Numeracy (Time) – Health (PE)
  • Tue: Health (PE) – Literacy (Reading) – Numeracy (Mental)
  • Wed: Numeracy (Problem Solving) – Literacy (VCOP) – Health (Social)
  • Thu: Health (Yoga) – Numeracy (Time) – Literacy (Writing)
  • Fri: Literacy (Reading) – Numeracy (Mental) – Health (Food)

Every Day Extras: 95 Things Challenge – Whole School Challenge – JASS


The Great War: A Unique Insight

This week P6/7 and P7 were treated to a fantastic presentation on Weapon Technology by former History Teacher, Colin Johnstone. Pupils listened attentively to the presentation, learning about what life was like for the men and women of WW1, before seeing and handling weaponry and kit that is over 100 years old. The pupils learned a great deal from this real and powerful display. The session has helped set the historical context for both class topics. Thank you Colin.










The Diary Of A Young Girl

This term we are reading The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank, which is one of the most important pieces of literature of the 20th Century.  Please ask us what we think, and all the things we are learning.












First Aid Training

Thank you to the Parent Council who paid for us to have 2.5 hours of First Aid training with Mr Malcolm.

First Aid is a great life skill to have – it helps us be Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals.

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We had great fun at Hazlehead Wipeout

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Fantastic Quizzing..!

Keeping up with last year’s very successful Rotary Quiz team, we have started on the stairway to this years glory.

We hosted 8 other teams and we only went and won.

Fantastic stuff..!



Our Class Reading

As a class we are currently reading Holes by Louis Sacher.

Holes is set in a very strange prison, and we are following the adventures of Stanley Yelnats, and some of his ancestors.

Stanley’s surname is his first name backwards.  That is the least of Stanley’s problems.








Class Talks: Natural Disasters

Well done to all those who presented their work today as part of the end of topic homework challenge. The standard was very high!

Collaborative IDL Exhibition

Pupils from P7, P6/7 and P6 created exhibitions to share the learning from their respective class contexts. There was a wide variety of work on show as pupils reflected on their learning with each other. Whether the focus was Natural Disasters, Natural Wonders or Dynamic Earth, there was something for everyone to learn and take away. Well done to all involved!

Natural Disaster Expert Visits P7

Today, medical expert and emergency response team player, Chris Driver came in to talk with Primary 7 pupils about his work as a natural disaster medic. Pupils took the opportunity to ask lots of questions about his work, which ranges from dealing with hurricanes in the Caribbean to typhoons in Indonesia.

P7 Reflection Time: Part 2

This is a test post from P7. It is still Friday the 13th September and therefore still unlucky for some! Mr Crowther is now showing group 2 how to upload to the class website. What a busy day!

Here is the senior football team ready for the start of the new season.

P7 Reflection Time: Part 1

This is a test post from P7. It is Friday the 13th of September (unlucky for some) and Mr Crowther is showing us how to update our website.

Here is one of our top runners competing in the Union Street Mile. Well done!

Techfest Trip

We had a great time at Techfest, learning about various topics which link to Our Scientific World. The class is learning about natural disasters this term, so it was a very meaningful outing for all involved.

Pupils took part in 3 workshops:

STEM Through The Ages

Pollution Detectives

Geology Rocks