P7 Leavers Show – The Staff Dance

Its a tradition at Hazlehead that the staff always perform – usually undercover – for the leaving P7s. 2020 has tried its best, but nothing is going to stop our…

Weekly Newsletter 2nd July

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Achievement Assembly Newsletter

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Missed An MMR Vaccination..?

NHS Grampian are running a catch up programme for any child who may have missed an MMR vaccination for any reason. If you feel this may apply to your family,…

Return To School Newsletter

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Newsletter – 26th June 2020

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Jasper AND Agnes Are Joint Pets Of The Week

Its been an unprecedented week this week….!!  The Pet Of The Week committee could not decide on one Pet Of The Week. After hours of debate, long into the night…LONG…

Incredible Work – 26th June

Click on Frozone for our Virtual Incredible Work Board  

Education Scotland Newsletter

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Dear Friend…

With those in our care homes experiencing a whole different level of isolation, I setup a project called Dear Friend. Dear Friend is FREE to everyone with the simple goal of…