Eco Fashion Show Goes Live

This afternoon we were all so excited to model our latest fashions to our family and friends.

P6 Curl Aberdeen

Here are some of the pupils from the Launch Pad applying their curling skills in real life on real ice! A great opportunity to see skill progression!

Watch out Paul Lawrie!

This morning we have been practising our golf technique. It’s a lot harder than it looks! To be successful we need to have slightly bent knees, legs shoulder width apart…

It’s all about perspective!

Today we were learning about the eye perspective. To sketch a room, we had to find the center point of our paper and draw all our lines to meet the…

Eco Fashion Show

We have been very busy fashion designers for the last three days. Here are our finished articles. Hope you are coming to the show next Friday!

Insulation Experiments

We have been conducting our own experiments to see which material has the biggest impact on insulation.

Opera Debut!

This afternoon we all participated in the opera performance of ‘The Curse of MacCabbra Opera House’ with three professional singers from Scottish Opera. It was a singing sensation and in…

What a busy weekend!

Congratulations girls, you both did brilliantly at your competitions this weekend.

Friendship bands

Today in the Launchpad we were learning about teamwork and friendship. We have made these cool bracelet bands to put our learning into practice.

Scottish Opera are in the house!

We are in full rehearsal mode for our grand debut this afternoon.