Sports Day

Competitive races are about to begin! Who will bring home the House Sports Trophy for 2012/13? Miss. Bowie

Sports Day

Tomorrow will be the school’s annual sports day, weather permitting! P5 will take part in potted sports in the morning down at the astro turf and competitive races in the…

Reflection Time

Today we looked at the second of the four purposes of Scottish Education. To what extent are we becoming ‘Confident Individuals’. This capacity focuses on aspects such as: •how healthy…

Nursery Sports 2013

Wow! We were so lucky with the weather today. Nursery sports was held outside on the astroturf pitch and lots of our friends and family managed to join us. We…

Compass Points

We really enjoyed doing our compass points outdoors.  Especially when we challenged another pupil to find the answers to our questions.

Assembly Preparations

Full steam ahead with all our plans and surprises for our school assembly.  “Launch Pad Surprise”.  


See how fit and agile we are during our gymnastics sessions. Sometimes were not sure if we are the correct way up!