Science Enquiry- Fair Testing

Last week we wrote our own scientific enquiry questions for example:- If I change the type of washing liquid, what happens to the red stain on the cloth? If I…

There were some characters in school today!

Today is World Book Day so we celebrated by dressing up as our favourite characters. See if you can work out who we are:

Check out our mood paintings!

The pupils in the Launchpad used their expressive arts skills to create colourful mood waves! This was a very therapeutic activity and important for their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Enterprise with Mr Cassells

We have been creating our own businesses with web pages to promote our very own sports t-shirts. The winners this week were HD Sports with a profit of 96,034.

iPad Masterclass

This morning we were very lucky to have Mrs Robertson, an Apple Distinguished Educator, to help us try out some new apps. We have been making our own books about…

Eco Fashion Show Goes Live

This afternoon we were all so excited to model our latest fashions to our family and friends.

P6 Curl Aberdeen

Here are some of the pupils from the Launch Pad applying their curling skills in real life on real ice! A great opportunity to see skill progression!

Watch out Paul Lawrie!

This morning we have been practising our golf technique. It’s a lot harder than it looks! To be successful we need to have slightly bent knees, legs shoulder width apart…

It’s all about perspective!

Today we were learning about the eye perspective. To sketch a room, we had to find the center point of our paper and draw all our lines to meet the…