Pet Of The Week

This Week’s Results…!!!

P5M learned a new word this week – they learned that voting is a serious business and has to be done with “gravitas”.  Expect them to be using that term all weekend.

Here are the runners and riders in this week’s Pet Of The Week


They applied the perfect level of gravitas when deciding Pet Of The week


There was a clear winner…Well Done Gillie

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And here is the voting breakdown



This Week’s Committee

P5M are this week’s Pet Of The Week Committee.

P5M is a great class to be in – it is made up of 22 pupils and Miss Morrison.  23 is a great number as it means that Mrs Mathers, The Committee Chair, won’t need to use her casting vote..!

P5M are always outside – they are working on ways to improve the school grounds and are going to be a very responsible committee.


Pet Of The Term – Term 1

Well, the votes are in and the Pet Of The Term for Term 1 is….


Ajax belongs to Freddie in P1/2 and won by a landslide on the online voting



Pet Of The Week

P5B became the Pet Of The week Committee this week and had a very hard job voting between 4 amazing pets

P5B Took their job very seriously and put a great deal of consideration into the vote

In the end there was a clear winner

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Our Voting Breakdown – 27th November P5B

Congratulations to Bailey and Well Done to P5B for being a WONDERFUL Pet Of The Week Committee.


Pet Of The Week Committee – 27th November Vote

P5B have the job of being the first Pet Of The Week Class Committee….!!!!

P5B is a great class to be in…!!!

The committee this week will be made up of 22 pupils, Mr Blair and Mrs Mellough along with Mrs Mathers who acts as the Voting Quality Control and then Returning Officer..!!



Pet Of The Week Is Changing….!!!!

The Pet Of The Week Committee will change every week – still chaired by Mrs Mathers – however the class who will make up the Pet OF The Week Committee will change every week, so EVERYONE will get a change to help pick Pet Of The Week.

Please see the class rota below…!!


As well as class votes for Pet Of The Week we will also be having termly Pet Of The Term which will be open to public voting…!

Pet Of The Term also then feeds into….PET OF THE YEAR.

Now, obviously to fuel these radical changes to Pet Of The Week we need loads of nominations…

So we have decided that ALL pets can be nominated EVEN IF THEY HAVE WON BEFORE…!!!

So, please send your pictures in – marked POTW – to