Waste Minimisation

Building Success


Action Area 6 : Recycling at School

Many thanks to everyone in the school community who continue to use our Rag Bag Clothing Bank.  In the short time it has been in operation, we have had 2 uplifts with a combined weight of 348 kg.  This has generated £139.20 for the school.  The bank is now relatively empty so please help to fill it up with any unwanted clothing.  Under our Eco Board we have created a progress chart so that everyone can see how much clothing we are recycling!  Well done to everyone and keep up the good work!









Learning about Landfills


Action Area 7: Waste


We have been learning about what waste is.  Waste is basically something we get rid of when we no longer need it as it has served its purpose.  Many people throw some of their waste out in the following way.




Landfills are huge holes in the ground where waste goes.  A compactor squashes the rubbish down so that more can be added.  When the landfill is full, the waste is covered by sheeting and earth.  We watched 2 clips that explains where waste goes including a landfill site.  These were: Landfill by Skelton Grange and Ask Anything – What happens to our waste by CBeebies.  You can watch these on You Tube.


We have been learning more about what goes into landfills.  We looked at a range of everyday items that often end up in landfills and had a think about how long we think it takes for these to decompose.  This means how long it takes for something to break up into smaller pieces.  We were very surprised and quite shocked with the statistics!


Did you know how long it takes for these items to decompose if they are sent to a landfill?

  • Paper towel                 2 – 4 weeks
  • Banana peel                2 – 5 weeks
  • Newspaper                  6 weeks
  • Apple core                   2 months
  • Milk carton                  3 months
  • Plastic bag                  10 – 20 years
  • Battery                        100 years
  • Aluminium can            200 years
  • Disposal nappy           450 years
  • Plastic bottle                450 years
  • Glass bottle                 1 million years


Today, we teamed up with some of the pupils from the Global Working Group who are looking at plastic waste.  We chose some good spots in our school grounds to bury our waste to see for ourselves how long it takes to decompose – almost creating our own mini landfills.  We will be monitoring this over the year.

Considering the timescales above, we now realise more so than ever – the importance of recycling!




Our Rag Bag Clothing Bank is now opened!

Action Area 6 : Recycling at School

Today we officially opened our Rag Bag Clothing Bank which is now situated at the front of the school beside the main door. Please use the clothing bank to deposit any old clothing, footwear that you no longer need.  By doing this, you will help the school raise money, your clothes will be reused/recycled for good causes and you will be promoting an Eco Aware responsible attitude which is one of our school values.


“We are delighted to be working with Hazlehead Primary School in Aberdeen who joined our Rag Bag scheme some years ago. There is a very active Eco Group and the school overall has saved several tonnes of textiles from going to landfill. It has also earned thousands of pounds in RagBag fundraising over the years. In fact they are so productive in textile recycling that they now have one of our exterior clothing recycling banks on site positioned in the school grounds.”  Shona Grimmer, Promotions Officer, Nathans Wastesavers.


Further Information about Rag Bag

As you may be aware, Rag Bag is a free school fundraising scheme reusing and recycling unwanted textiles preventing them from ending up in landfill. Since 2006, they have helped schools raise over £10 million. They have over 3000 schools and community groups participating in Scotland!


Rag Bag is part of Nathans Wastesavers a national textile recycling company in operation since 1907. Nathans collect unwanted textiles from Schools, Charity Shops, and Community groups and also service Textile Banks throughout the UK. Their factory in Denny, Stirlingshire employ over 300 people and sort and grade over 500 tonnes of textiles every week preventing them from going into landfill!


Textiles are sorted and graded into over 100 categories with 84.7% of items being reused, 12.3% of items being recycled and 3% of items being unusable. The majority of items reused go to Africa as good quality second hand clothing, recycled items are cut into industrial wiping clothes and are used in the UK. The unusable items are turned into energy.


You can find out more about Rag Bag on their website www.rag-bag.co.uk

World Book Day 2019


Action Area 5 : Reusing Items

Hazlehead enjoyed a fantastic book swap event to celebrate World Book Day with an eco-conscience!  All pupils from Nursery – P7 were invited to bring in a book that they no longer needed to swap with a new book someone else has brought in!  A huge thank you to Mrs. Harper and P4 for organising this very successful event.  There was even a ‘try before you buy’ area along with a storytelling zone for our older pupils to read with our younger pupils.