The Authority is committed to Inclusion and the Presumption of Mainstreaming, as set out in the Standards in Scotland’s Schools Act 2000.

It is the aspiration of Education and Children’s Services to utilise its resources and expertise to ensure that almost all children can be supported in their learning within their local school.  This will be a gradual change which will ensure, where possible, that children will no longer have to travel away from friends and family to access the support they need.

All primary and secondary schools can already provide interventions for children and young people with additional support needs.  Schools can access expertise from a range of specialist services including Educational Psychology, Sensory Support, English as an Additional Language and Autism Outreach.  A very small number of children may require access to a more specialised provision for a period of time or access to a Special School Placement.  As a parent or carer you will be fully involved in decisions about your child, your views are invaluable in helping us design appropriate supports.

Schools operate a staged approach to supporting learners.  The Staged Intervention Framework is used to help identify potential barriers to learning and participation, and plan effectively.  If your child is recognised as being in need of targeted support, an Individual Education Plan or Child’s Plan will be put into place.  Parents, pupils and agencies supporting your child will help develop and review the plan to make sure that it is supporting your child.

Levels of support within the staged intervention framework are categorised as follows:

Universal support is the support delivered by the class teacher through effective differentiation.  When appropriate the class teacher will be guided by other professionals in school with particular expertise.

Targeted support is the support delivered by the class teacher and other school staff.  When appropriate, support will be provided by support services across Education and Children’s Services and will be planned for through the development of a Child’s Plan.

Specialist/Multi-agency is the support delivered by the school and others, which is likely to be highly individualised.  Support will be planned and coordinated through the development of a Child’s Plan that may be multi-agency in nature.

Support given may be short term or longer term, but will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure your child is making good progress.

Getting it Right for Every Child

Getting it Right for Every Child is the Scottish Government’s policy that aims to make sure that all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential by maximising their wellbeing.

The policy is based on a number of core principles and values.  In Aberdeen it is being delivered through a shared approach where all the community partners work together to support children and or their family as soon as a need is identified.

In order to make sure children receive the appropriate help, every child now has a “Named Person” based in either health or education.  The “Named Person” will be the first point of contact when a child, young person or their family or carers wish to access support or advice.  If the child requires support of more than two services the “Lead Professional” will be appointed to coordinate the support.

Further information on Getting it Right in Aberdeen can be found on the website.

Further information on counselling available to children in school can be found at the link below.

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