Eco Committee


Congratulations to the above pupils for being elected as the new Eco Committee for 2019/20.

At Hazlehead, we have 5 working groups which pupils can opt into.  60 pupils wanted to join Eco.  The pupils then select the sub group they want to be involved in based on the Eco Topics decided through the audit and their interest in them.

  • All Eco Group members were asked to consider if they wanted to become a Committee member
  • To become elected the pupils presented to the Eco Group reasons why they would be a great choice
  • The remainder of the Eco Group made a choice and voted
  • The Eco Group Committee Members were elected
  • They were introduced to the whole school at assembly
  • The Eco Committee invited specific adults within our community to join the committee, including Mr. Paul (School Janitor) , Miss. Simpson (Nursery Teacher) and Miss. MacDonald (Parent)
  • The Eco Committee met to discuss and agree our agenda
  • Appropriate partners were identified to link with for helping us to action specific targets from our individual plans
  • The Eco Committee meet regularly to discuss progress with the 3 action plans and next steps