Masterclasses are an important way for children to develop problem solving, teamwork and social skills with other children from across the school.  When choosing their class children are asked to rank their first, second and third choices.  They will get one of these three choices and will go to that Masterclass on a Friday Morning during ethos block.    Masterclasses run for two weeks out of five and children change their classes in August and January.

Origami Masterclass:
Origami Masterclass was a new addition to the offerings this year, with 20 P4-7’s taking up the opportunity to learn new skills.  The Japanese art of paper folding allows for children to develop cutting skills, folding skills and concentration.  There has been a mix of child led activities and structured sessions, with the most recent being a competition to see who could build the most creative sculpture using only paper and their imaginations!  Children have also made gift boxes as gifts for friends and family, various animals and hand held games.  It has been lovely to see the children learning new skills and getting excited when they master tricky folds!
Mrs Harper