Masterclasses are an important way for children to develop problem solving, teamwork and social skills with other children from across the school.  When choosing their class children are asked to rank their first, second and third choices.  They will get one of these three choices and will go to that Masterclass on a Thursday afternoon during ethos block.    Masterclasses run for two weeks out of five and children change their classes in August and January.

January 2017 Masterclasses on offer are:


Drawing with Mrs Feaks

Fun with Food with Miss Ferguson

Mud Kitchen with Miss Simpson

Play-dough with Ms Fraser

Construction with Miss Lyon

Outdoor Play with Miss Davidson

Sports Games with Mrs Murchsion

Mini Tennis with Mr Anderson


Card Skills with Mrs McMurray

Origami with Mrs Nicholson

Stitching with Ms MacFadyen

Animation with Mrs Gordon

Mr Mac’s Facts with Mr MacChoille

Cooking with Miss Campbell

Bikeability with Miss Saum