Green Flag Journey

Our Green Flag journey takes place every 2 years where we document how we have met the Green Flag Objectives.

Here are our objectives –

Litter And Waste –

Focus 1 – Investigate litter and dog fouling around the school – what does the picture look like for Hazlehead?

Focus 2 – Review litter bins inside school

Focus 3 – Review the number and placement of bins

Focus 4 – Introduce a reward scheme to discourage littering

Focus 5 – Review the litter rota

Focus 6 – Create A Litter Policy

Focus 7 – Continue litter picking in the community

Focus 8 – Consider adopting a public space to keep clean

Focus 9 – Reduce Paper Use

Focus 10 – Using recycled materials

Focus 11 – Recycling at school

Focus 12 – School Canteen And Food

Focus 13 – Reduce the amount of waste in school


Climate Action –

Focus 1 – To ensure that the climate emergency is part of our school’s improvement plan

Focus 2 – To measure the school’s carbon footprint with a view to reducing it

Focus 3 – Measure the amount of food waste the school generates

Focus 4 – Reducing the school’s GHG emissions

Focus 5 – Ensure our school continues o support a healthy environment


Global Citizenship –

Focus 1 – To measure the school’s carbon footprint and consider ways we can reduce it

Focus 2 – Work towards the school gaining a Gold Rights Respecting Award

Focus 3 – Ensure staff and pupils are aware of logos on products that mean that they have been sustainably produced.

Focus 4 – Work towards achieving a Fairtrade Schools Award

Focus 5 – Establish a link with a school in another country to discuss environmental issues.