Eco Code



We reviewed our Eco code in June 2019 as it was long due a refresh.  One of our main aims was to incorporate our school values as these are an important aspect as to who we are as a school.  We made sure we asked our whole school community for their views.  We did this by:

  • speaking to the whole school at assembly to tell them about the Eco Code review and emailed all staff to discuss with their class for feedback
  • emailing our valuable partners who have worked with us on our Green Flag journey to give us feedback
  • asking our parents to take part in a Google survey for their feedback.

We were very pleased we had so many positive responses with comments and suggestions to think about.  Here is a selection of the feedback we received.

Dear Eco Group

The children were all very positive about the ECO CODE, here are a few of their comments;

Erin – I like that the ECO group are thinking about the environment and how to help.

Elle – I think it’s really good that it says ECO CODE at the side and it’s got the school values.

Callie – It’s good because the ECO group wrote true things and the school values.

Moaz – It’s not hard things to achieve. It’s good it’s easy.

Meesha – I like that they added values but we could go further to promote this. Maybe in assembly?

Eviee – I think it’s good that they highlighted the values. 

Hope that helps. 

Miss. Tipping & P3T


Dear Eco Group

We spoke about the ECO CODE today in class. Pupils understood each statement and didn’t think that there was anything to change, particularly when considering the challenge of making the code fit the relevant letter. Mr. Crowther & P6/7


 Excellent, simple and straightforward for people of all ages to understand and highlights the simple things we can do to minimise our contribution to climate change.  Parent comment

 Great to see the school values worked in to the Eco Code. I also like the fact it is concise but covers all the important areas.  Parent comment


Dear Eco Group

Sorry for the delay in replying – I think your Eco code looks great!  The only change I would make is “Care for and respect our plants, trees and wildlife”.

 I especially like the first point that everyone is responsible.

 Hope all is going well with you.


Jen Hickling, Countryside Ranger


Dear Eco Working Group,

 My first point is that your work is a fabulous weave of ECO with the school values. I really love the thought and attention that’s created the ECO CODE.

I believe that as the working group has spent the time and effort to create the code, I wouldn’t suggest changing any of it, as by producing the code, they own it, and ownership is so key to ensuring action.

 As a critique only, I would suggest augmenting the first line to:

Everyone should respect and be responsible for the environment. Respect is a powerful word and it feels good to get that message in early.

Furthermore, I do like the final message, Everyone should have the courage to follow our Eco Code. Courage is a behavioural trait, and as such, that can sometimes be difficult to live 100% of the time. However, having a Code should be the glue that helps hold everyone together with your common goal. We at the FOH fully support your ECO CODE.

 I hope this feedback helps. Should you want any further discussion in the subject, we’d be delighted to help out.

Kind regards

Donald Shaw, Chair – Friends of Hazlehead


As a result of taking on board comments and suggestions, here is our new Eco Code which our Eco Working Group has approved.  We are very proud of it and like how the addition of the values graphics helps our younger pupils to understand it more.

Everyone is responsible for looking after our planet

Cycle or walk when you have the opportunity

Only use or eat as much as you need – always recycle


Care for and respect our plants, trees and wildlife

Only use water and energy when you need it

Do be fair to the environment and put your litter in the bin

Everyone should have the courage to follow our Eco Code