P4FM – 2022/23

Judy Murray

How lucky were we to have a tennis lesson from a VIP?! We had lots of fun honing our tennis skills with such an experienced coach. Judy was able to meet William – whose competition entry was the winning design – and learn that one of her activities has been named “fish and chips” by the Hazlehead pupils!

Letters to a friend

We all wrote a letter to someone in a care home or who lives alone, in the hope that it might brighten their day. Who knows, we might receive replies and that would be amazing!

Messy garden

We absolutely love the messy garden! There is so much imagination on display: mud kitchens and cafes, bases, vehicles and battles (to name a few!)


Exploring place value in number

We are learning so much about Space through our cross-curricular topic. The mobile planetarium was a special highlight!

Then we decided on rules for our class charter… followed by a game of Splat!

Trying to take a class photo proved tricky!

Week 1: Getting to know each other!