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Achievement Assembly Awards 2019/20


Friends of Hazlehead Environmental Enterprise Award

This new award, donated by Friends of Hazlehead, is given to an individual who has demonstrated an enterprising attitude considering the local environment in which they live.  This individual has taken the initiative to raise awareness of an environmental issue in their actions.




Congratulations to this P7 pupil for his big commitment to promoting eco awareness at Hazlehead.  He has made lots of valuable contributions to our ongoing work, including recommending we visit the newly opened Altens Recycling Centre which we did and it was a very successful trip!  He is a natural leader and works particularly well with our younger members of the eco group.  He is always very caring, encouraging and respectful towards them.


Thank you to Donald Shaw from the Friends of Hazlehead charity for visiting and awarding this year’s recipient during very difficult times.




As part of Our Scientific World learning, 6 classes had a Google Meet with Kenya to find out about their problems with plastic pollution.  We learned how Kenya is working hard to support their environment by reducing plastic pollution.  We asked lots of questions and learned that:


  • In 2017, Kenya banned single-use plastic bags
  • Producing, selling or using plastic bags is now illegal in Kenya and can lead to four years in jail or a $40,000 fine (approximately £28,700)
  • As of June 2020, visitors to Kenya’s national parks, beaches, forests and conservation areas are no longer able to carry plastic water bottles, cups, disposable plates, cutlery, or straws into protected areas
  • Lots of animals, particularly cows, are digesting the plastics while they are eating which is causing them to be very ill


Thank you to Myles Edwards, Gideon Gathimba and Kevin for their time and contribution to our learning.  It was a fantastic experience and we look forward to linking more with Kenya as we progress with our action plans.