Other Eco News

Our Green Flag Award – Our 3rd Green Flag made the news in the Press and Journal.



Our Eco-Flag has pride of place in our rotunda



Our Ecobricks

Well done to P5-P7 pupils for making the news with their fantastic Ecobricks project.



Change 1 Thing Challenge

Change One Thing Whole School Challenge


To launch our 4th Green Flag journey, we set the following challenge for all pupils as part of our cross-curricular focus ‘Our Global World’.

We received many responses from across the school about pledges the pupils wanted to make.  For example:

  • Recycling waste in the home
  • Donating unwanted items to charity
  • Taking a shower more instead of baths to save water
  • Walking/cycling/scootering more instead of taking the car for shorter journeys


We had an open afternoon for parents so that they could see the collective response from across the school.  Afterwards, we used the responses to create a powerful message in our rotunda.

Achievement Assembly Awards 2019/20


Friends of Hazlehead Environmental Enterprise Award

This new award, donated by Friends of Hazlehead, is given to an individual who has demonstrated an enterprising attitude considering the local environment in which they live.  This individual has taken the initiative to raise awareness of an environmental issue in their actions.




Congratulations to this P7 pupil for his big commitment to promoting eco awareness at Hazlehead.  He has made lots of valuable contributions to our ongoing work, including recommending we visit the newly opened Altens Recycling Centre which we did and it was a very successful trip!  He is a natural leader and works particularly well with our younger members of the eco group.  He is always very caring, encouraging and respectful towards them.


Thank you to Donald Shaw from the Friends of Hazlehead charity for visiting and awarding this year’s recipient during very difficult times.


Nursery Outdoor Learning Audit

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Our Scientific World

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Our Global World

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Natural Sculptures


P5B worked with Mrs. Gordon to create sculptures using natural materials found in our school grounds.  Their work was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy who is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist.  He lives in Scotland.  He uses natural materials to make sculptures in sites in and around the UK.  He as made them in forests, farms, fields, cities, mountains and more.  Sometimes they last for a long time, other times they only last days.  The pupils’ designs were really eyecatching!  Well done P5B!

P1 explore Is Plastic Fantastic?

Plastic & Recycling


As part of their study on plastics, P1S investigated plastics.  “We have looked at plastic packaging and sorted it into plastic that can be recycled and plastic that cannot be recycled (by looking at the labels).  It led to lots of discussion.  The children were amazed that not all plastics can be recycled.”

Well Done Miss Morrison

A huge well done to Miss. Morrison for attending 4 online Eco courses to support the planning and implementing of Eco topis and Green Flag journey.  Miss. Morrison will put these into great use when we start our next journey in August 2021.


“I’ve been involved in the Eco group for several years now and felt my understanding was not what it could be.  These courses have really clarified my understanding and helped me to see clearly what the expectations are.  I look forward to putting my training into practice in the new session.  The network opportunities will prove valuable, particularly for sharing ideas and offering support.  I have an Eco Family!”


Well Done Miss Simpson and Miss Tipping

Well done to Miss. Tipping and Miss. Simpson for championing the outdoors through their Forest Schools training.  Both have provided fantastic, rich learning experiences for their pupils and have supported other staff members by sharing ideas.


“The outdoors provides a great space for the children to explore, investigate and lead their own learning.  We have amazing school grounds and there’s so much scope for outdoor learning.  The children thrive and I have seen their confidence grow over time.  I have utilised my knowledge by sharing ideas with colleagues.  I’ve also modelled learning experiences outdoors for colleagues to see.  This was valuable as it gave them the opportunity to take a step back and look at their children in a unique way.  We love to get outdoors – whatever the weather to let children see that they can learn in different environments and different weathers.”  Miss. Simpson


Miss. Tipping has created her own Forest Schools website which can be found here.





Our Outdoor Learning Incredible Work

We celebrated Outdoor Learning Day by celebrating the Incredible Work that goes on in our wonderful school grounds

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As part of Our Scientific World learning, 6 classes had a Google Meet with Kenya to find out about their problems with plastic pollution.  We learned how Kenya is working hard to support their environment by reducing plastic pollution.  We asked lots of questions and learned that:


  • In 2017, Kenya banned single-use plastic bags
  • Producing, selling or using plastic bags is now illegal in Kenya and can lead to four years in jail or a $40,000 fine (approximately £28,700)
  • As of June 2020, visitors to Kenya’s national parks, beaches, forests and conservation areas are no longer able to carry plastic water bottles, cups, disposable plates, cutlery, or straws into protected areas
  • Lots of animals, particularly cows, are digesting the plastics while they are eating which is causing them to be very ill


Thank you to Myles Edwards, Gideon Gathimba and Kevin for their time and contribution to our learning.  It was a fantastic experience and we look forward to linking more with Kenya as we progress with our action plans.

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Our P7s Wrote To Local Businesses

Our Latest Green Flag Journey – Feedback from our partners.


As we come to the end of our 4th Green Flag journey, we took the time to ask our valuable partners for some feedback on working with us.  Their quotes can be seen below and were are delighted that they value us just as much as we value them.



It has been a huge pleasure for myself and Gathimba Edwards Foundation to have worked with Hazlehead Primary over the past 8 years.  Whether it be through my visits to share my experiences as an athlete living, working and training in Kenya or through the school’s support of the charity, I hope that in some small way I have encouraged the children to work hard in the pursuit of their dreams and goals.  The school has played a huge role in enabling Gathimba Edwards Foundation to reach more children and families with our education, house building and business start up support.  Whether it be through letter exchange with children in Kenya or generating funds through enterprise ideas and fundraising events, the pupils and staff always go the extra mile to try and make a positive difference to the world. Hazlehead’s values are evident in everything that they do and I always leave the school happier and more inspired than when I walked in. I am extremely glad and proud that my daughter now also attends the school and can’t wait to see what she achieves as a result of the great education she is receiving.  

Myles Edward, Gathmiba Edwards 




“I am one of the Aberdeen City Council Countryside Rangers, and I have had the pleasure of working with the staff, children and helpers at Hazlehead School for many years. The school has involved me with gardening, environmental activities and all manner of fantastic games and teaching sessions. 

Everyone involved has fun as they grow vegetables and flowers, runs around during scavenger hunts, or investigates invertebrates under stones and logs. I also enjoy my visits to Hazlehead School, and always look forward to working with the classes there.” 

Simon Whitworth, Countryside Rangers



“The Friends of Hazlehead are delighted to be partnered with the school and have built on our relationship since our formation back in 2013. We are deeply engaged with the school on many fronts, engaging on health and well being, play in outdoor space, heritage and importantly greenspace and ecology. We are consistently working with the school to look at potential projects that support the development and sustainability of Hazlehead Park in conjunction with the community and the City Council stakeholders. Furthermore, the Friends of Hazlehead support the Eco Award at school prize giving annually, for the pupil contributing the most to supporting the local environment.” 

Donald Shaw, Chairman Friends of Hazlehead 



“I have been involved with Hazlehead Primary School for many years. The school has been a close partner on many environmental initiatives and projects, including Clean Up Aberdeen, Aberdeen Communities Together, Craster and Its Your Neighbourhood. 


I love the school’s enthusiasm, innovation and drive to get involved and improve their green environment, not just in the school, but also in the local area and nearby Hazlehead Park. 


Hazlehead always makes me feel very welcome. The teachers and pupils see the importance of the green agenda and are striving to do all they can to get involved and change their environment for the better. 


This last year has been a huge challenge for everyone but Hazlehead has continued to show that environmental initiatives remain a priority for the school. I loved every minutes of a recent google meet with P3C/H. We talked about green spaces, parks and litter. The class had lots of ideas to makes our green spaces better and they asked brilliant questions! 


Hazlehead are committed to making a difference and they inspire those around them to do the same.  Everyone should be very proud. Well done Hazlehead.”

Steven Shaw, Environmental Manager, Aberdeen City Council